CPHM Faculty

Katherine Boyer
Gait mechanics, neuromuscular function, joint injury and degeneration
Leadership Team
Deepak Ganesan
Backscatter network stack, Understanding addictive behavior
Leadership Team
Rae K. Walker
Biobehavioral-environmental interventions, clinical translation
Leadership Team
Trisha L. Andrew
Wearable electronics
Steering Committee
Ken Carter
Synthetic polymer chemistry, high resolution patterning, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
Steering Committee
Jane Kent
Research in the Muscle Physiology Lab
Steering Committee
Sunghoon Lee
Steering Committee
Rebecca Spencer
Cognition and action and the intersection between them
Steering Committee
Frank Sup
Design, modeling and control of electromechanical systems
Steering Committee
James J. Watkins
Macromolecular templates for functional device structures
Steering Committee
Qiangfei Xia
Emerging nanoelectronic devices, Nanofluidic channels, Hybrid nano/CMOS systems
Steering Committee
Ajla Aksamija
Building scientist and architectural technologist
Joseph Bardin
Millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave active integrated circuit design
Wayne Burleson
Personalized Health Monitors, Security and Privacy in Health Care
Muge Capan
Clinical decision making, home monitoring, healthcare analytics
Yossi Chait
Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering
Lisa Chasan-Taber
Diabetes and exercise during pregnancy, health disparities, hispanic pregnant women
Stuart Chipkin
Diabetes, metabolism, endocrinology, cardiovascular risk, public health
Jeungok Choi
Web/tablet-based discharge education for low-literate older adults
Joohyun Chung
Assistant Professor
Jessica Dillard-Wright
Intersection between nursing, philosophy, history, and activism informed by science and technology
Katherine Dixon-Gordon
Biological, cognitive, and affective dysfunction in psychopathology
Seth Donahue
Elucidating the biology, physiology, and mechanics of bone from animals that have adapted to extreme
Xian Du
engineering, scale up of advanced manufacturing processes from lab to industry
Joyita Dutta
Develops signal processing and deep learning techniques for biomedical applications, including Alzhe
Neil Forbes
Cellular mechanisms that give rise to drug resistance in tumors
Ian Grosse
Comparative biomechanics and biomedical engineering; semantic web, engineering knowledge management
Susan Hankinson
Role of endogenous hormones in the etiology of breast cancer
Ryan C. Hayward
Assembly of polymer and particle-based nanostructures
Lili He
Analytical chemistry for food safety
Elizabeth A. Henneman
Patient safety, eye-tracking, nurse/MD decision-making
David E. Huber
Recognition/recall memory, testing effects, metamemory, letter/word perception
Cynthia S. Jacelon
Dignity, self-management, wearable and handheld technology for health management
Robert W. Jackson
Modeling of active and passive microwave circuits
D. Joseph Jerry
Breast cancer, molecular epidemiology/genomics, nanoparticle delivery, estrogen responses and regula
Karen Kalmakis
Childhood adversity, bio behavioral, stress, women's health
Ravi Karkar
Desig, develop, evaluate and translate new health technologies to clinical practice
Byung Kim
Roll to Roll High Aspect Ratio Nano Patterning, SERS
Donghyun Kim
To develop mobile robots that can enhance human health, mobility, and life in general.
Dmitry Kireev
Development of bioelectronic devices with long-standing implications in Healthcare and Wearables.
Sundar Krishnamurty
Medical Device Design; Engineering Design
Mark Miller
Skeletal muscle function at the cellular and molecular levels
T.J. Mountziaris
Synthesis and Functionalization of Nanostructured Photonic Materials
Phuc VP Nguyen
Mobile/wearable computing, wireless networking, and embedded systems, focusing on the Internet of Me
Amanda Paluch
Amanda Paluch
Tauhidur Rahman
Next-generation mobile health technologies
Rebecca Ready
Aging, emotion, neuropsychology, well-being, cognitive impairment
Katherine W. Reeves
Cancer epidemiology, women's health, breast cancer, endocrine disruption
Vincent Rotello
Nanomaterials in therapeutics and diagnostics
Jonathan Rothstein
Dynamics of complex fluids; Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics
Jessica D. Schiffman
Renewable polymers, Green materials synthesis, Antibacterial surfaces
Prashant Shenoy
Operating systems, distributed systems, cloud computing, and sustainability
John Sirard
Measurement and promotion of youth physical activity, wearable sensors, influence of social and phys
Govindarajan Srimathveeravalli
Develop novel medical devices for energy delivery
Adrian Staub
Language processing; reading; eye movements; computational models of cognition
John Staudenmayer
Statistical methods to estimate physical activity
Susan Sturgeon
Breast cancer, epigenetics, hormones, diet, environmental pollutants
Yubing Sun
BioMEMS, tissue engineering, mechanotransduction, stem cell engineering
Lisa M. Troy
Diet, chronic disease
Catrine Tudor-Locke
Walking, gait speed, personal monitoring, step counting, ambulation
Richard Van Emmerik
Motor control and coordination
Brian W. Whitcomb
Reproductive/perinatal epidemiology, epidemiologic methods
Jie Xiong
Wireless Sensing, Mobile Computing and Wireless Networking
Guangyu Xu
Nano/Micro-fabrication, VLSI design, Bioelectronics, Cell imaging, Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics
Sigfrid Yngvesson
Terahertz Low Noise Mixer Receivers, Detectors and Sources