CPHM Membership Benefits

IALS Translational Graduate Student Fellows for 2024

  • Vibha Balaji-Biomedical Engineering (Dutta lab)
  • Ross Brancati-Kinesiology (Boyer lab)
  • Rajagopalan Raghuraman-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (Srimathveeravalli lab)
  • Meysam Safarzadeh-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (Du lab)

Funding will be awarded as a one-year fellowship starting Fall 2024 at 20 hours per week. 

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CPHM Call for Research Thrusts

The Center for Personalized Health Monitoring is offering grants to incubate the development of research thrusts. Our goal is to provide ‘scaffolding’ for interdisciplinary groups of researchers to coalesce and form strategic partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations towards the goal of submitting proposals for future funding and broader impact.


Typical Research Thrusts will be funded at up to $25K/year (depending on the scope of the proposed activity). Research Thrusts may be further sub-divided into cores with identified core leads, if applicable (for example, a clinically-oriented core and more technology-oriented core).


  • 2 page overview of research thrust
  • Brief bio-sketch of thrust lead(s).
  • Core team members and additional potential participants in the research thrust and how they will contribute. (The core team must be interdisciplinary across departments or colleges. Core team members must provide letters of support.)
  • Budget and justification

Each thrust should include both internal workshops as well as public-facing events. All meetings can be online or in-person as appropriate. Please include any honoraria/travel/other costs of these activities in the budget.

  1. A kickoff meeting at the beginning of the thrust activity followed by meetings at a regular cadence throughout the year (e.g. weekly/monthly seminars, brainstorming meetings, journal club, etc)
  2. One mid-year internal workshop advertised internally and open to campus researchers to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and highlight activities of the research thrust (For example, an agenda for such a workshop may be 45 minutes of presentations; 45 minutes of breakout groups; 45 minutes of post-breakout discussion and 45 minutes of discussion on future steps).
  3. One end-of-year workshop with external invited speakers and lightning talks by campus researchers (For example, such an event might have talks from industry speakers, prominent academics from other institutions, program managers from NIH/NSF/other agencies, series of lightning talks, breakout sessions moderated by faculty.)
  4. Thrust leads must present an end-of-year report or slide deck outlining activities, outcomes, grant proposal submissions, and future plans to sustain the activity.

Deadlines, Award Disbursal and Stipulations

CPHM Thrusts are reviewed quarterly and are due on the 15th of January, April, July, and October

Submitted applications are reviewed by CPHM Leadership Committee. Applications may be approved or returned for further questions. 

Upon application approval, the full approved amount will be set up in a new non-sponsored project chart string for the lead PI.  Summit access will be given to the PIs and business managers.


Submit application form via webform.

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Research Funding Opportunities for IALS Faculty

IALS Midigrants

The IALS midigrant is designed to be a flexible seed fund mechanism up to $20,000 to enable new translational research and explore new collaborations within IALS. All active faculty members of IALS may apply for funds. 

Mission of the Institute for Applied Life Sciences

The mission of IALS is to translate fundamental research into innovative product candidates, technologies, and services that deliver benefits to human health and well-being. 

What is Translation?

Translation is the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public — from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioral changes.

To apply, please visit: https://www.umass.edu/ials/funding-benefits

Manning/IALS Innovation Awards

The Manning/IALS Innovation Awards provide seed funding up to $100,000 per award. These awards are designed to help advance UMass Amherst translational and applied R&D through the development of startup companies or the out-licensing of UMass IP.

Significant funding for this program comes from a gift from the Manning Family Foundation, and from the IALS Seed fund program. Additional contributions come from the College of Natural Sciences, the Berthiaume Center, the Isenberg School of Management, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

To apply, please visit: https://www.umass.edu/ials/funding-benefits

Core Facilities Benefits

Core Facilities Funding Opportunities

IALS Research Centers (CBD, CPHM, M2M) have generously offered to contribute incentive funds to stimulate novel uses of the Core Facilities as well as subsidize training for student users.

All active faculty members of IALS and Core Facility Directors can initiate a request for funds. 

  • Small equipment (including new instruments or enhancements to existing instruments)
  • Materials/operational costs for validation of new service lines, or expansion of existing service lines to users new to a technique 
  • Consultation fees (including engaging external partners)

To access student training funds, please consult with the Core Facility that would be providing training. 

Core Directors and/or faculty can initiate a request for funds by filling out this formbit.ly/coreFundingOpps




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