It's never too early to start thinking about Summer! Enrollment opens March 11.

Summer 2018 Enrollment is Open

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We're excited to share our summer with you!

Enrollment for Summer 2018 online courses is now open for current UMass Amherst students. Please register for classes in SPIRE.

Scroll down for important information regarding enrollment procedures.

Please select from the following options:

I am...

a UMass Amherst student and wish to take an online summer class at UMass Amherst

exploring an online UMass Amherst certificate or degree program and would like to try a class before applying

  • Please review our program offerings for pre-application requirements. For example, our Online MBA allows students to take up to 2 classes before applying to the program.

a college student elsewhere and wish to take an online summer class at UMass Amherst

an incoming UMass Amherst first-year student interested in getting an early start on campus

  • Register for UMass JUMP!, a 4-week program designed to give you a head start on your college experience.

a high school student looking for residential learning opportunities

Enrolling this Summer

Current UMass Amherst Students

  1. Request an enrollment appointment in SPIRE:  Navigate to Main Menu > Enrollment > Summer/Wntr/Non-degr Enroll Appt from the top menu; then follow instructions.  Students can request enrollment appointments beginning one week before registration opens for that term.
  2. Enroll in classes, using the same process as for University-scheduled classes in Fall & Spring

Non UMass Amherst Students

  1. Please review the "New or Returning Students" section on our Enroll page.

Summer Credit Limits 

Undergraduate students are limited to 8 credits per summer session, or 16 for the full summer term. Graduate students are limited to 9 credits for the term.

Override Permission

To override prerequisites or class capacity, students must get permission from the instructor or department offering the class. Permissions are usually sent to the CPE Registration Office from the instructor (or deparment) via email ( Registration Office staff then enter the permissions into SPIRE, after which students self-enroll in SPIRE. 

Independent Study

Students enroll in Independent Study using the Independent Study Registration Form.  Form requires the signature of both faculty sponsor and dean of the course’s school/college. Cost for undergraduate independent studies is $195/credit (or $220/credit for graduate-level, including 596). Most independent studies have a “section assistant” who enters grades into SPIRE, after gathering from all faculty sponsors in a department. 


Grades are processed twice during the summer – once at the end of Session 1, and again at the end of the summer.  Beginning in Summer 2018, students’ Summer Session 1 grades will show on transcripts after the first round of grading. 

Two Sessions, One Term

Even though there are two separate sessions in Summer, Summer is a single term. Courses that prohibit multiple enrollments in a term (the vast majority of courses) can therefore not be taken in Summer Session 1 and then again in Summer Session 2. This means if students fail a Session 1 class, they cannot repeat it in Session 2.


Class fees are determined by the School/College or Department offering the class, and vary from one school/college to another. Some classes also charge materials fees in addition to class fees. All students pay a once-per-term $47 registration fee, regardless of the number of classes or credits taken. 

Financial Aid

The financial aid programs available for the summer are Federal Direct loans, credit-based alternative loans, summer work study and Federal Pell Grant (for eligible students). Limited scholarship aid is also available (deadline to apply is April 30).


For assistance, contact the CPE Registration Office at, 413-545-3653 or 800-922-8211, or 213 Whitmore Administration Bldg (in the Registrar’s Office).

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