Summer Session 1 Add/Drop ends at 9:00PM EST on Friday, 5/24


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We're excited that you're ready to enroll!

Have questions? Please review these guides:

Or email us at or call 413-545-3653.

New or Returning Students

new student is one who has applied for admission to a program but wishes to take classes for academic credit before their official admit term, or a non-degree student who wishes to take a class for academic credit.

A returning (or inactive) student has an academic record at UMass Amherst, but has not taken classes recently.

Step 1: Review exceptions (below) to determine if any apply 

Step 2: If none of the exceptions below apply, then complete the Non-Degree Enrollment Application. Within two business days, you will be emailed credentials which will allow you to log into SPIRE (our student information system).

Step 3: Log into SPIRE to get a CPE Enrollment Appointment.

Step 4: Self-enroll in CPE classes in SPIRE. Click for a tutorial.

Current Students

If you are an active student, please register for classes in SPIRE.

Step 1: Review exceptions (below) to determine if any apply

Step 2: Log in to get a CPE Enrollment Appointment.

Step 3: Self-enroll in CPE classes


  • Undergraduate, on-campus in Fall/Spring classes - Campus undergraduates are not able to self-enroll in CPE classes in SPIRE. The enrollment form for Fall 2019 will be available on June 3rd. Please visit us then to enroll in a CPE class.
  • Student who is ONLY enrolling in Non-Credit classes - Complete Non-Credit Enrollment Form
  • Student who is enrolling in a credit class AFTER the Add/Drop period has ended - Complete either the Ugrad Late Add Petition Form or the Graduate Late Add/Drop Form
  • Student enrolling in:


    Review our Enrollment FAQs or contact the CPE Registration Office at or call 413-545-3653 or 800-922-8211

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