Fall 2018 Enrollment Begins June 4
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UMass Amherst offers a huge selection of classes that let you keep moving ahead with your degree no matter where you go, and on your schedule.

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    Summer 2018 (enrollment begins March 12)

    Fall 2018 (enrollment begins June 4)

    Online Learning

    Online learning gives you the flexibility you need to prepare for emerging opportunities while you stay on the job, anywhere in the world.
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    Our Online, Blended, and In-Person classes help you

    • Work toward early graduation.
    • Make up credits to keep your graduation date on track.
    • Satisfy requirements that never quite fit into your normal class schedule.

    University-Scheduled Classes (Non-CPE)

    Only Undergraduates in degree programs administered by CPE, and Non-Degree Undergraduate students, can enroll in University-Scheduled classes.
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    Independent Study or Practicum

    Processes vary per semester or term.
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    Thesis or Dissertation (Summer Session)

    To enroll, first ensure you have a SPIRE summer enrollment appointment.
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    State Residency Disclaimer

    We regret that UMass Amherst cannot enroll residents of AL, AR, or OR in online classes.
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