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Fall 2018|Winter 2019|Spring 2019|Summer 2019

For variable-length classes, please see individual class descriptions for deadlines.

Fall 2018

MonJune 4CPE Fall registration begins (matriculated students - check SPIRE for enrollment appt date/time)
MonAug 27Univ. Day Open Course List available on Web
TuesAug 28Univ. Day Open Course Registration begins
TuesAug 28Preview Week for Online Classes begins
MonSept 3Labor Day - Offices Closed
TuesSept 4Classes begin
WedSept 12Last day for new non-degree students to submit enrollment application for Fall
MonSept 17Last day for 100% class fee refund
MonSept 17Add/Drop ends
TuesSept 18Withdrawal period begins
MonOct 8Columbus Day - Offices Closed; No Classes
TuesOct 9Monday class schedule
TuesOct 30Last day to drop with "DR" - Graduate students only
TuesOct 30Mid-semester - Last day to withdraw with "W" or select P/F (undergrad)
ThursOct 30Last day for 50% class fee refund
MonNov 12Veterans Day - Offices Closed; No Classes
SunNov 18Thanksgiving recess begins - No classes - Offices on normal schedule
ThursNov 22Thanksgiving Day - Offices Closed
MonNov 26Classes resume
WedDec 12Last day of classes
ThursDec 13Reading Day
FriDec 14Final exams begin
SatDec 15Second Reading Day
ThursDec 20Final exams end
FriDec 21Snow Day for exams; Semester ends
TuesDec 25Christmas Holiday - Offices closed
TuesJan 1, 2019New Year's Holiday - Offices Closed
WedJan 2, 2019Final grades due by Noon on SPIRE
ThursJan 3, 2019Grades show on transcripts

Winter 2019

WedOct 17, 2018Winter registration begins
WedDec 19Last day for new non-degree students to submit enrollment application for Winter
WedDec 19Preview Week for online (Blackboard) classes begins
WedDec 26Winter classes begin (online)
FriDec 28Add/Drop ends - last day for 100% class fee refund
FriDec 28Holiday Recess begins
SatDec 29Withdrawal period begins
WedJan 2Classes resume
WedJan 9Withdrawal period ends - last day for 50% class fee refund
WedJan 16Grade Rosters available to instructors
SatJan 19Last day of classes
WedJan 23Final grades due on SPIRE by 11:59PM
ThursJan 24Grades posted to student records
FriJan 25Grades show on transcripts

Note: Face-to-face classes will begin Jan. 2 or later, and will be dynamically-dated (i.e. Add/Drop and refund dates based on actual class dates).

Spring 2019

MonNov 5, 2018Spring registration begins
TueJan 15, 2019Preview week for online classes in BlackBoard begins
TueJan 15Open University Course Registration begins for Non-Degree students
MonJan 21Martin Luther King Day
TuesJan 22Spring classes begin
WedJan 30Last day for new Non-degree students to submit enrollment application
MonFeb 4Add/Drop ends; 100% refund (class fees only) period ends
TueFeb 5Withdrawal period begins
MonFeb 18Presidents Day
TueFeb 19Monday class schedule followed
SunMar 10Spring recess begins
MonMar 18Classes resume
TueMar 19Withdrawal period ends; 50% refund (class fees only) period ends
MonApr 15Patriots Day
WedApr 17Monday class schedule followed
ThuApr 25Grade Rosters available in SPIRE
WedMay 1Last day of classes
ThuMay 2Reading Day
FriMay 3Finals begin
SatMay 4Second Reading Day
ThuMay 9Finals end
FriMay 10Graduate & Undergraduate Commencements
SatMay 11Stockbridge Commencement
TueMay 14Final grades due in SPIRE
ThuMay 16Official grades show on transcripts
MonMay 27Memorial Day

Summer 2019

MonMar 11, 2019Summer registration begins
MonMay 13Preview week for online Session 1 classes in BlackBoard begins
MonMay 20Session 1 classes begin
FriMay 24Session 1 Add/Drop ends at 9:00PM EST; 100% refund (class fees only) period ends
SatMay 25Session 1 Withdrawal period begins
MonMay 27Memorial Day
WedJune 12Session 1 Withdrawal period ends
FriJune 21Grade Rosters for classes ending by June 28 available in SPIRE
FriJune 28Session 1 classes end
MonJuly 1Preview week for online Session 2 classes in BlackBoard begins
ThuJuly 4Independence Day
MonJuly 8Session 2 classes begin
WedJuly 10Grades for classes ending by June 28 are due in SPIRE
FriJuly 12Session 2 Add/Drop ends; 100% refund (class fees only) period ends
FriJuly 12Official grades for classes ending by June 28 show on transcripts
SatJuly 13Session 2 Withdrawal period begins
WedJuly 31Session 2 Withdrawal period ends
TueAug 13Final Grade Rosters available in SPIRE
FriAug 16Session 2 classes end
WedAug 21Final grades due in SPIRE
ThuAug 23Official grades show on transcripts
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