LEED Certified Gold

Southeast Aerial Perspective courtesy of UMass Police Department (UMPD)

LEED Status
UMass Project Planner
Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham
November 2009 - April 2011
UMass Project Manager
Joseph Balzano
Construction Manager
CIA Construction Co., Inc.
November 2009 - April 2011
Owner's Project Manager

Completed in April of 2011, the $12.5 million, 27,130 S.F. UMass Police Station is inviting and approachable to visitors, while maintaining the high level of safety and security required for a police station. Originally located in Dickinson Hall, the new facility relocates UMass police services to the campus perimeter, preserving the core for students, faculty, and academics. The facility operates 24/7 around the clock, 365 days a year, and includes spaces for police training, patrol, investigation, and emergency response.

The facility serves a public safety and teaching role on the university campus. A green kiosk in the lobby provides educational information to students about the building’s green features, and displays live building energy usage statistics. Designed by Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc., it is the first new construction project on the UMass campus designed to meet LEED standards, and achieved Gold certification in 2011.



Sustainable Sites

  • Implemented erosion and sedimentation control measures
  • Native species landscaping requires no irrigation
  • Proximity to three bike routes, with facility bike storage and changing rooms provided
  • Campus-wide Carpooling Program - Three carpool, and four low-emission vehicle parking spots provided on site
  • Light colored roof mitigates the heat island effect

Water Efficiency

  • Onsite stormwater pond reduces runoff
  • High-efficiency condensing boiler for domestic hot water use
  • Achieved a 41% reduction in potable water use via the installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures

Energy & Atmosphere

  • 43% overall reduction in energy use
  • Energy recovery ventilation
  • Ground loop heat pump redistributes heat to high priority areas
  • 21% window-to-wall ratio. Double-glazed, argon-filled windows with thermally broken window frames
  • Integrated daylight and occupancy sensors

Materials & Resources

  • 23% of building materials were extracted, processed, and manufactured regionally
  • 90% of construction wastes were diverted from landfill
  • 20% of new construction materials utilize recycled content
  • 50% of wood products are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified

Indoor Environmental Air Quality

  • Implemented an Indoor Air Quality Program during construction
  • Low-VOC paints, adhesives, sealings, and coatings ensure the health and safety of building occupants
  • Lighting and demand-controlled HVAC systems utilize occupancy sensors for energy efficiency and air quality



Green Building Brochure

Click here to access an interactive green building brochure for the Police Station.

LEED Project Dashboard

Click here to view LEED project score information and statistics for the Police Station.

LEED Project Scorecard

Click here to view the offical LEED project scorecard for the Police Station.

Solar Dashboard

Click here to view live solar energy data for the Champions Center.

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Police Station Solar Dashboard

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Southeast Perspective

Main Entry

Main Entry

LEED facts

LEED Facts

Image 1 courtesy of T&M Equipment Corporation. Image 3 by Diane Lederman, courtesy of The Republican. LEED Facts courtesy of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).



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