The space needs of the University are complex and ever-changing and require high-level planning and up-to-date information to manage.  Space and Asset Management efforts keep accurate floor plans of over 13.4 million square feet of campus and field station space, encompassing over 33,000 rooms, along with the accounting of each room’s use.  Working at all levels of campus, we identify space availability, assess condition and capacity, and recommend most appropriate assignments, to meet changing needs on campus.  Annual space audits keep academic space use information current, while on-line requests identify changing needs as new center and institutes, schools, and departments are formed or dissolved. 

On-going Space Planning efforts include:

  • Backfill planning for space vacated by new construction, such as the ILC, Design Building, and South College
  • Integration of Tririga data with other enterprise databases and systems to collectively enhance what all of us do separtely

Quick Facts:

  • The campus leases about 65,000 s.f. of office and studio space, and 15,000 s.f. of storage space, across 14 different facilicities

UMass Amherst Space Request Process

Start with a Space Request! We will be notified that you need more or different space, or that you need help estimating what your space needs are. Solutions may be simple or complex.

When should I make a space request?

  • When renovation work is necessary.
  • When room uses will change.
  • When new hires need an office or a lab.
  • When functions don't match the space available.

How do I make a space request?

Complete and submit this short form.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you enter, and a printable page will be generated for your records.

What are the next steps?

  • Campus Planning Space and Asset Management will contact you within a week of your request to get more information, such as the number of people who need space, what activities you support, where you are located now, etc.  In-depth follow-up may be needed and will be scheduled, if necessary.
  • A program write-up of quantity and types of space needed will be provided for your review to confirm that your space needs are understood.
  • As there are many on-going requests for space, we will communicate the estimated time frame to resolve your request and discuss whether funding is necessary to meet it.

Who makes space allocation decisions?

  • Space and Asset Management performs the review of needs, generates alternatives and considers impacts, and makes recommendations to Department Heads, Deans, or the Capital Asset Board (CAB), which is comprised of the Vice Chancellors and the Provost, as appropriate.
  • The CAB approves the allocation of space.

When my request is approved, what then?

You can initiate a project with departmental funds, and if it requires design and construction, a project can be initiated and assigned to Physical Plant, Alterations, Planning, Space, or Design & Construction Management. 

If you have any questions, please contact Space and Asset Management, or Space Information Manager, Sam Buck.