Image of the GIS Accessibility Map
Campus Accessibility Map



The Campus Accessibility Map provides users with information that is helpful to navigating the built environment. It includes information on access levels, accessible restrooms, elevators, entrances/door types, and accessible parking spaces.

To use this resource, open the Accessibility Map. Locate the building that you are interested in learning more about on the map, and zoom into it using the navigation tools on the upper left hand corner of the screen. Buildings across campus are color coded according to overall access levels. Refer to the legend on the right for more detailed information on each building.   

You can view and download a printable PDF of the Accessibility Map by clicking here

The accessibility data provided within this application is current as of August, 2022 and represents the best information available. However, there is no guarantee of accuracy or completeness implied.  If you find  incorrect or unclear data, please contact Niels la Cour at


Image of the GIS accessibility map