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CP & DCM CAD Standard

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The aim of this website is to provide an easy-to-navigate, online resource for both learning and using this Campus Planning and Design & Construction Management CAD Standard in a way that standardizes output by staff and facilitates use of the AutoCAD software.  This site can also be used as a reference for those that are already familiar with the CAD Standard but need to quickly refer to best practices.  For this purpose, please utilize the table of contents in the right side-bar and the resources at the bottom of the left side-bar found on each page.


The CAD Standard was developed over a series of meetings starting in the fall of 2020 and ending in the summer of 2021 with representatives from Campus Planning (including Space & Asset Management) and Design & Construction Management.  The committee began with two aims: to provide consistent graphics and efficient tools in AutoCAD.  After reviewing previous CAD Standards, the committee determined that this CAD Standard should be lean and not burden users with new and lengthy procedures.  The standard should provide simple solutions for common issues.

Meetings focused on clarifying functional and graphic needs in the following areas: Layers, Title Blocks and Layouts, Text and Dimension Styles, and Annotative Scaling.  These topics were discussed and the recommendations were informed by current best practices and desired procedures. 

Meeting agendas and minutes, as well as materials used in the development of this standard can be found in this common directory: N:\BIM-CAD Standards Working Group\CAD Standards Working Group

Many thanks to the following members of the Work Group for their representation and input into the development of the CAD Standard:  Rommel Cordova-Fiori, Nan Wang, Mark Dunn, William Lizotte, Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham, and P. Alexander Stoicheff.  The development of the DWG and the resources explaining the CAD Standard are the work of P. Alexander Stoicheff.


The website contains the CAD Standard Manual in its entirety as well as additional multimedia resources to support CAD users.  Use the Table of Contents in the right side-bar of this page to navigate the Manual.  Each section is paired with its associated Video Tutorial and additional Reference files. Start with I.  Setup  through to VII.  Annotative Scalingread the content, review suggested references located in the left side-bar, and watch the Videos. 

Before starting with the sections in the table of contents, consider reading through the CAD Standard Quick Start Guide to familiarize yourself with the overview of the CAD Standard. 

I.  Setup

II. Resolve Missing Ref's

III.  Plotting

IV.  Layers & Group Filters

V.  Layout Space

VI.  Text & Dim. Styles

VII.  Annotative Scaling


CAD Standard Tutorial Videos

CAD Standard Manual

CAD Standard Quick Start Guide

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