Assessment Services

Psychological Assessment

CCPH offers specialized and comprehensive psychological assessment (testing) to assess for the presence of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and various Learning Disorders (i.e., Reading Disorder, Mathematics Disorder, Disorder of Written Expression, and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder). We also offer psychodiagnostic assessments to increase one’s self-knowledge and understanding, to identify one’s areas of strength and challenge, to provide diagnostic clarity, and to aid in treatment planning regarding psychotherapy and/or psychiatric services.

Our psychological and psychodiagnostic assessments provide adequate documentation to access services, when warranted, through Disability Services and accommodations on some standardized entrance exams (i.e., GREs, LSATs, GMATs, MCATs, etc.). Our assessments also meet criteria for UMass Amherst's and NCAA's policies requiring formal psychological testing before being prescribed psychostimulant medication.

Assessment is a specialty service and as such, is not covered under student tuition and fees. Many health insurance plans will cover all or part of psychological testing, and CCPH is in-network providers for most major insurance companies. We will work with students individually to determine estimated costs and insurance coverage, but students are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance companies directly for more specific information. Students not currently in treatment with a CCPH provider should contact our main office at 413-545-2337 to schedule a triage appointment to begin the process. Students already in treatment with a CCPH provider should speak with their clinician about a referral for psychological assessment.