RJ Frank

Name: RJ Frank

Position at CCPH: Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Intern

Year Joined UMass: 2023

Education: B.A., Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, psychology major and neuroscience minor, M.Sc. of Clinical Psychology, Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, M.Sc. of Clinical Psychology, Antioch University in Keene, New Hampshire, on the way to a PsyD

Clinical Interests/Experience: I’ve worked in a variety of settings including outpatient centers, neuropsychological testing sites, and (of course) college counseling. I like to operate from a primarily solutions-focused lens, in a trauma-informed way, and particularly with people who have consistent issues with anxiety and/or depression. I love to work with people surrounding questions of identity development (particularly with members of the queer community) as well as healthy, respectful, and rewarding intimacy.

More about me: I’m a big fan of embracing joy whenever you get the chance. For me, that can look like baking bread, playing board games or tabletop RPGs with friends, reading sci-fi or fantasy novels, or just trying something brand new to me. Unless we’re talking music, in which case I’m likely listening to the same 10 pop-punk bands on repeat on any given day.