Mood and Emotion Regulation

MyMoodTracker Medication reminders/trackers as well as mood, drugs, menstrual cycles, sleep, and functioning. Graph results. 

Moodtrack Track as often or as little as you'd like See how your moods change over time. Discover mood patterns and triggers. Support and get feedback from others.

Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help uses CBT to challenge irrational thinking and replace it with more rational thoughts

Self-Esteem Blackboard help you evaluate your self-concept and improve your self-talk

DBT Self-Help  designed to help you cope with overwhelming emotions and impulsive behaviors. It will also assist with relationships and help you cultivate mindfulness.create a personalized crisis list of skills for rapid access in difficult and critical situations access pre-generated skills lists for managing anger, shame, sadness, and fear practice various skills, with the options to save and share the data