Therapist Assisted Online (TAO)


TAO Self-Help is a collection of interactive educational modules and practice tools you can use on your own to learn stress management, mindfulness skills, problem-solving, and strategies for bouncing back from life’s disappointments and frustrations. If you are interested in trying TAO Self-Help, click on the log-in link below and click the button that says "Sign-Up Self-Help."

Log in to TAO here or try a screening to see if TAO is right for you.

Check out a sample TAO session: Understanding Depression.

TAO can also be used with additional coaching from a therapist at CCPH. Typically this takes about 7 weeks and involves the following:

  • Each week you will watch videos, complete exercises, and meet with a counselor (via private, secure, videoconferencing or in-person) for a 10-15 minute consultation.
  • Weekly exercises take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
  • Daily homework can be completed on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. These take about 1-2 minutes per entry and the treatment is most effective if you make an entry 2 or more times per day.

If you are interested in trying TAO with a counselor or have any questions about it, please contact David Browne, LICSW, or call CCPH 413-545-2337