It’s Nearing the End of the Semester. What’s Still Available???

As we near the end of the semester, CCPH shifts our programming a bit to best match current student needs, available resources, and time limitations. We’ve highlighted here services that are available, along with information on how to access those services.

Mental Health Emergencies/Crisis: CCPH maintains 24/7/365 on call coverage. If you feel that you’re in crisis and need to speak to someone right away, please call 413-545-2337 and select the option to speak with our on-call clinician. Students can also choose to access regional or national crisis services:

  • Suicide and Crisis Life Line: 988
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
  • To be connected specifically to a BIPOC clinician, text STEVE to 741741
  • Clinical and Support Options Crisis (Western Massachusetts): 413-586-5555
  • To find Emergency Service Providers in your specific Massachusetts community:

Many insurance companies also have plan options for accessing both routine and crisis mental health telemedicine services. Please refer to your insurance plan benefits for these options.

Stepped Care Options: In addition to brief individual therapy and crisis services, CCPH offers a range of programs to help students address mental health concerns and improve their overall emotional wellbeing. These include:

  • Togetherall – Free online peer support. It’s kind of like Facebook for mental health!
  • Groups and Workshops – We offer a number of therapy groups and skills-based workshops on a variety of topics, many of which are still accepting new members.
  • Stress GPS – Free drop in psychoeducational workshops where students can learn about what causes distress and how to manage it.
  • “Let’s Talk” – Briefly share what’s on your mind, find support, and get recommendations via Zoom with a CCPH consultant.
  • WellTrack Boost – Free online tools and short informational courses based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Welltrack Connect – Get custom referrals for off campus therapists and psychiatry providers.

First Appointments: At this point in the semester, these are typically one-time consultations to help students identify the problem, get some recommendations, make a plan, and learn about additional resources. We don’t usually begin ongoing, routine therapy at the end of a semester, but students often find great benefit in attending a one-time consultation, learning some concrete skills and making a plan to tackle the problem at hand. Students may call (413-545-2337, option 5) or login through the Patient Portal to book a First Appointment. We open up slots each day at 8:30am and they are first come, first served.

Psychiatry: Due to limited psychiatry staffing, CCPH strongly encourages students with existing psychiatric providers and/or primary care providers to continue seeing them for medication needs. Students without an existing primary care provider may contact University Health Services for a medication consultation with a primary care provider for mild mental health concerns. If students are interested in seeing a psychiatric provider at CCPH, they must be engaged in ongoing psychotherapy, either at CCPH or with an off-campus therapist; therapists can refer students to CCPH psychiatrists if needed. The CCPH psychiatrist will work with referring therapists to determine the appropriate timing and level of psychiatric care. Currently, non-urgent initial psychiatry appointments will not be booked until next semester. See the Psychiatric Consultation section of our website for more information.