Self-Esteem Workshop

Thursdays, Oct. 13, 20, 27; Nov. 3
2:30 – 3:45 p.m. via Zoom

Join our four-session workshop to develop a more compassionate, realistic, and accepting relationship with yourself. Learn strategies to work with your inner critic, and increase your self-esteem as you:

  • identify and challenge negative self-talk
  • explore influences on your self-esteem
  • learn what maintains low self-esteem
  • develop a more positive view of yourself
  • learn to value the uniqueness of who you are

Pre-registration required. Registration will remain open and available to new group members until its last session. 

Hosted by Cindy Moschella, LMHC

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More About the Workshop

The Self Esteem Workshop is a four-session workshop hosted by Cindy Moschella, LMHC focusing on helping participants develop a more compassionate, realistic, and accepting relationship with yourself. Our hope is that you learn strategies to work with your inner critic, and increase your self-esteem.

Because this is a workshop and not a therapy group, it is designed to provide psychoeducation and teach coping skills. We support personal sharing if desired, however it will not be expected nor will it be the focus of the content in this workshop.

Here is a rough outline of the topics that will be covered:

Week 1: How does self esteem begin?

  • Explore the sources of external messages that we are exposed to
  • Examine what external messages have become internalized core beliefs about yourself
  • Identity the unhelpful rules and assumptions you live by to cope with these core beliefs
  • Learn how this relates to your current thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Week 2: Challenging negative self talk

  • Learn CBT and DBT techniques to help you identify your own pattern of automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Explore how to move from automatic responses to making choices about “the story you tell yourself”
  • Challenge yourself to “do something new” that you have avoided due to unhelpful rules and assumptions

Week 3: What maintains low self esteem

  • Review unhelpful thinking styles
  • Explore your vulnerabilities to automatic thoughts
  • Learn your triggers to low self esteem

Week 4: Techniques to maintain self acceptance

  • Learn how to accurately reflect upon experiences which have affected your self esteem
  • Identify the difference between self esteem and self compassion
  • Explore your personal values and identify behaviors that are consistent with these values


Q: Can I join some sessions but not all? What happens if I need to miss a session?
A: Participants in this workshop are able to register as long as they can attend 75% of sessions, though 100% attendance is recommended. If you are not able to attend a specific session, please message the group facilitator in advance via the Patient Portal.

Q: If I attended in a previous semester but missed session(s) due to COVID-19, can I take the workshop again?
A: Please feel free to take this workshop again. We will cover many of the same topics but also include some new material.

Q: Is this workshop for undergraduates or undergraduates?
A: This workshop is designed for all students, undergraduates and graduates students.