Essential Campus Operations

Essential Campus Operations

Updated Feb. 28, 2021

Campus Parking

The Parking Services office, located at 51 Forestry Way, behind Lot 25, is open to in-person customers Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. and by phone or email to arrange for a permit or use one of the pay for time options for parking on campus. For more information, visit the Parking Services site.

COVID-19 Testing

All undergraduate students living on campus or off campus in the Amherst are required to be tested twice a week for COVID-19. Graduate students living in the Amherst area are also required to be tested twice a week unless they are not coming to campus for work or classes. All testing is free, and takes place by appointment only at Public Health Promotion Center in the Mullins Center. See the COVID-19 Testing section for more information.

Any student experiencing new symptoms of COVID-19 should login to the UMass Patient Portal. Click the "Appts" tab, and follow instructions to schedule your testing appointment at UHS.


In-person dining resumes in the Dining Commons and in the Blue Wall on March 1. All students are required to comply with strict health and safety guidelines, including presenting a Green Check mark in the Campus Health Hub app before entering dining locations


Housing is open to a limited number of students, following strict health and safety guidelines.

UMass Transit Buses

Buses are running on a limited schedule. All passengers are required to wear a nose and mouth covering. Passengers should not ride the bus if they have possible COVID-19 symptoms, are quarantined, or have been exposed to anyone who tested positive for COVID-19. See the Transportation Services website for current information.

University Health Services (UHS)

UHS is open by appointment only for all student health care.  Learn more on the UHS website