Update on EH&S Services for Labs

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome back to campus! We want to let you know about some services EH&S and our campus partners are providing to support you as you return to research.

  • All of our training is currently online and can be accessed through OWL.
  • Lab Coats can be ordered from our lab coat website via a Google Form. We have also included a sizing chart so that you can select a size that's right for you. Laundry services are now operational.
  • If you have new lab members who need eye protection, please have them contact us at askehs@umass.edu to request a pair.
  • If you have trouble getting personal protective equipment (PPE), let us know. Please visit our PPE Google Form and tell us what you need. We may be able to assist with a bulk purchase of items, and the data you provide will help to inform that process.
  • We have been receiving some questions regarding the use of face coverings in labs. Since it may be difficult to always maintain social distancing in a typical shared lab environment, and personnel will often be in the lab for hours at a time, face coverings should be worn. In specific situations where there is no possibility of violating social distancing requirements (e.g., working alone in a room), face coverings are optional. Two (2) cloth face coverings are available for each of our designated on-site employees, and OEM is working with department personnel managers on the distribution of these face coverings. Since there will be an increase in people in public spaces and sometimes less than 6 feet of separation (e.g., in doorways or entry/exit points) face coverings should be worn.
  • To ensure availability of cleaning supplies, Physical Plant Custodial will provide hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper towels, soap, and tissues for your laboratory. When your plans are set, please email askcustodial@umass.edu with your name, contact information, and the location where you would like it dropped off.  Limited supplies of gloves are also available on request.
  • If you have vendors or service providers who need to enter your lab for instrument service or other reasons, please ensure they follow the guidance provided by EH&S.
  • If you need assistance with implementing COVID-19 precautions in your lab, please let us know. We are happy to help.

Please share this with your colleagues and contact us at askehs@umass.edu if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you to support your amazing research. Stay safe and be well.

Environmental Health & Safety
UMass Amherst