UMass Transit Announces Operational Changes in Light of COVID-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, UMass Transit is taking extra steps to keep passengers and drivers safe.

  1. Buses are cleaned thoroughly every night using a strong EPA-approved disinfectant solution to help curb the spread of coronavirus. Like most other workplaces, the majority of our non-essential staff are working remotely.
  2. To keep our drivers and passengers healthy, passengers should avoid using the bus when ill, follow CDC guidelines by maintaining appropriate distance away from the driver and other passengers, and following all CDC best practices to keep our community safe.
  3. To create appropriate social distancing space for our drivers, the use of the front door will be limited to ADA passengers only. All other passengers should use the rear doors for loading and unloading at all times.
  4. In the effort to provide adequate spacing, please sit in alternate rows, away from other riders. For everyone’s safety, please don’t approach the driver and/or other passengers while on board.

For more information, email UMass Transit at, or call 413-545-0056.