Supporting Faculty Resilience Series: Research and Writing Support in Response to Summer of Uncertainty

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) and the Associate Provost for Equity and Inclusion are working with partners across campus to coordinate the “Supporting Faculty Resilience Series” (SFRS), a collaborative series of optional summer programming to support faculty resilience in research and writing. The series, running May 26 through June 26, has over 40 programs available with additional programming being planned.

“Summer 2020 presents unprecedented uncertainty for faculty in navigating research disruptions, remote work, care responsibilities, and personal needs,” says Michelle Budig, Vice Provost for Faculty Development. “We hope faculty will find activities in this series that support their work, opting in as they are able, and reaching out to us for additional support as needed.”

“We have been working with the Office of Faculty Development and other partners on campus to offer resilience programming throughout the summer,” says Amel Ahmed, Associate Provost for Equity and Inclusion. “The programs are intended to provide support to faculty as they work through current challenges, and put in place collaborative structures that will continue beyond the summer.”

Wendy Varner, OFD’s Director of Faculty Development, has been instrumental in coordinating with campus partners to offer a diverse range of programming throughout the series. “We brought together collaborators to respond to faculty’s inquiries and interests,” says Varner. “We want the programming to focus on ways to create community—for faculty to be able to talk with each other during this unsettled time.

Campus partners offering programming as part of the series include: Center for Teaching and Learning, Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs, Fine Arts Center, Foundation Relations, Institute for Social Science Research, International Programs Office, NSF ADVANCE at UMass Amherst, Office of Research & Engagement, UMass Amherst Schools and Colleges, University Libraries, and Workplace Learning and Development, with additional partners joining on an ongoing basis.

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