Restrictions on Events at UMass Amherst Announced

Until further notice, the campus will take the following steps regarding participation and hosting of events:

  • Regardless of size, all external events (with outside vendors and non-UMass guests) should be canceled, postponed or moved online.
  • Attendance at all off-site events with more than 50 participants is prohibited. Virtual participation is allowed.
  • Conferences, meetings or other events with more than 50 participants that are scheduled to be held on campus should be held virtually, postponed or canceled.
  • No meetings hosted by external entities will be held on campus.
  • Regular business meetings with fewer than 50 participants should proceed as usual.

For internal events and meetings with fewer than 50 participants, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Make tissues and hand sanitizer available to all attendees.
  • Provide soap and sinks for handwashing if feasible.
  • Move events to larger venues to allow greater personal space between participants (i.e. convene a 20 person meeting in a room that seats 50).
  • Use online reservations or door counts to cap attendance at 50 participants.
  • Turn away additional attendees if more than 50 show up at the event.