Residence Hall Move-Out Process for Brett, Gorman, Oak, Prince, and Sycamore ONLY

Dear Student,

We are writing to you with important information about your final move-out for spring 2020.

We understand many students want to return to campus to collect their belongings, so we are initiating a systematic, sequenced move-out process to accommodate these requests. This approach facilitates a process where safe social distancing is paramount and low density levels on campus are maintained.  You are a resident of one of the halls that will be vacated first, allowing us to accommodate those students who, for various reasons, have been approved to remain on campus. 

The first round of this move-out involves the following residence halls: Gorman, Brett, Oak, Sycamore and Prince. Other residence halls will be in future rounds of move-out in the coming weeks.

Please use the system we have developed to make a move-out reservation for this weekend, Saturday, March 21 or Sunday, March 22. 

How to Make a Move-Out Reservation

To choose the date and time of your move-out, login to SPIRE and navigate to Residential Life > Move Out Reservation. Select the time you will arrive on campus. You will have two hours from that time to complete your move-out. Please login to SPIRE as soon as possible as reservations are first come first served.

To ensure social distancing, and based on guidance from the state, we must limit the number of students who are in the hall moving out at a given time.

How Will Move-Out Work?

Based on your Move-Out Reservation, you will be given card access to your residence hall for a set period of time. We recognize many students did not have an opportunity to pack before leaving campus. Before coming back to campus, please think through the packing plan needed to complete your move-out. Use your two-hour time block to finalize your move-out and, importantly, practice social distancing during your move.

When you arrive on campus, please park in a nearby lot.  You will need your UCard and room key to gain access to your residence hall and room. Inside the hall, bins will be available in the lobby and hallway doors will be propped open. If you intend to use a bin, please bring sanitizing wipes as it will not be possible for Residential Life staff to clean every bin in between uses. Additionally, please do not take a bin until you are fully packed so others may use them when ready. When you are ready to load your vehicle, pull up to the loading area outside your hall. When you finish using a bin, please return it to your hall lobby.

Once you have removed your belongings and broom cleaned your room, you must return your key to your residential service desk. Please place your key in the envelope taped to your room door. Your name, ID, residence hall, and room number will already be filled in. Place the envelope in the drop box of your service desk.

MicroChill Renters: please empty the contents of your MicroChill and wipe the inside before leaving campus. Do not unplug your MicroChill. Facilities staff will defrost and wipe again before units are collected on campus.

What if I Already Removed My Belongings but Still Have My Key?

If you have already removed all your belongings from the space and will not be coming back to campus, please reply to this email and let us know if you will be overnighting your key, or if your key has been lost. Please follow the information on our website to return your key. Please return your key by Monday, March 23 at 5 p.m.

For out-of-state students who may not be able to move-out this weekend, please reply to this email to make other plans.

We recognize that the information provided this week has had a significant impact on many of our students and we wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Thank you,

Dawn M. Bond
Director of Residential Operations

Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie
Director of Residence Education