Event Guidance for Spring 2021

Updated March 30, 2021

The campus operational posture is currently at Guarded.

The university community is working hard to enable students, staff and faculty to come together in new ways and make life on campus as rewarding as ever. With COVID-19 still a presence this semester, events and gatherings continue to be limited in accordance with guidelines provided by the governor and the university. This event guidance balances keeping our students, staff and faculty healthy and safe while providing opportunities for events.  

Participation in campus activities and events for the spring semester is limited to UMass students, faculty and staff in accordance with guidelines provided by the governor and the university. Events with outside vendors will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

For events or activities on campus, all persons shall maintain social distancing (six feet away from other people), wear masks and wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.   

Capacity Limits  

There are capacity limits for all in-person gatherings in accordance with Massachusetts and university regulations. 

Procedures for Requesting Approval and Space for In-Person Events 

Procedures for requesting approval and space are the same, regardless of capacity standards.
Extracurricular instructional activities

General/Social Events 

  • Outdoor events/activities must be submitted via the outdoor land use request (under O) at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Indoor events/activities must be submitted via the EHS COVID 19 Safety Management Plan at least two weeks in advance of the event. In addition, to request Physical Plant support for any indoor event, including custodial, moving services, etc.) complete the indoor event support form (under I).
  • When submitting a request, include your preference for space. Space is allocated pending approval by the campus in coordination with the scheduler of the location. Please view this link to campus spaces in compliance with current capacity guidelines can be found.
  • If a student or student group would like to host a general/social event, they must follow the student event procedures noted below.
  • With the goal of having all student-oriented events on one calendar, university departments and programmers can enter events (e.g., events at a dining commons) directly into Campus Pulse.  See student events below for information.

Student Events or Established Student Organization Events 

  • Events and activities planned by students are submitted via Campus Pulse.
  • Please also view the Program Approval Workflow for students and departments,

For questions related to student events, email sorc@sacl.umass.edu

For all other questions, email admfin@admin.umass.edu