Coronavirus and Massachusetts Health Insurance Benefits

Commonwealth Connector: The Commonwealth has extended open enrollment for Commonwealth Health Connector health insurance coverages through April 25, 2020. If you are an uninsured Massachusetts resident and wish to purchase health insurance this is an option to consider:, telephone: 877.623.6765 / TTY 877.623.7773. Connector representatives can also assist with questions about MassHealth.

Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC): The GIC has a website dedicated to “What you should know about GIC Health Benefits and the COVID-19 Outbreak”. This website lists a range of services available including prescription benefits through Express Scripts and links to each of their health insurance provider’s telehealth services.

UMass Post-Doctoral Health Insurance Plan: Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Coronavirus website provides information about their coronavirus helpline (telephone: 888.372.1970), telehealth services, their 24/7 nurse helpline (telephone: 888-247-2583), increased access to prescription medications and more.