Frequently-asked questions and answers about living on campus during the six-week Winter Term.

Winter session 2020-21 will be expanded to a full six weeks and the credit cap will be increased from the usual 4 to 8 credits.

The University of Massachusetts announced Monday that it intends to schedule and play a limited number of football games this fall.

The Faculty Senate has approved a revised academic calendar for the Spring 2021 semester.

A message from the chancellor about the workforce reductions agreement made with the PSU and USA unions to avert staff layoffs.

UMass announced the launch of a new system-wide initiative to make courses on each of its campuses available to students on all five campuses.

UMass Amherst's COVID-19 asymptomatic testing program for the UMass community now includes free testing for all students living in the Amherst area.

Questions and answers about how residence halls and other campus buildings are being cleaned this fall.

All students living off campus in the Amherst area are required to have a third round COVID-19 of testing to be completed between September 7 and September 11. 

The university continues to require a 14-day quarantine of all travelers returning from an international or high-risk domestic destination without an option to substitute a negative COVID-19 test result in place of a quarantine.  Additional guidelines are in place for personal and university-related travel.

Visits to campus should be arranged only if the purpose of the visit is impossible to fulfill remotely until the COVID-19 emergency is resolved.

 A recording of the Sept. 3 Virtual Community Forum, sponsored by the Town-Gown Fall Reopening Group, can now be viewed online.