Human Resources

Human Resources

Over the past year UMass employees have been largely remote and only designated on-site as dictated by operational needs and within public health guidelines. However, with the goal to have the fall of 2021 be as close to pre-pandemic as possible, including a return to campus housing that is fully occupied and in-person classes, there will be an operational need to bring employees back to campus. We recommend that the sequencing for employees’ return will have to be detailed by each unit in coordination with their Vice Chancellor/Dean over the summer. For the fall, we recommend that all employees are considered on-site and only hybrid or remote if approved by the respective unit’s Vice Chancellor.

Work On Campus/Off Campus

  • Work will be on site. A transition of staff back to campus should continue through the spring semester and through the summer as operational need dictates.
  • Employees will be expected to follow public health guidelines.
  • Workspaces should be modified, if necessary, to conform to the latest guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Massachusetts Department of Public Health when employees return.

Accommodation Process

  • Employees who cannot work on-site for health reasons would need to request an ADA accommodation.