Year End Close Deadlines

FY24 Deadlines will be available as we approach the end of the fiscal year in May 2024

FY23 Dates Year End Closing Dates (Dates are subject to change)

Date Due Transaction Type
June 02 All FY23 or FY24 Payroll Funding Swaps are due to HR by June 2nd for processing. If funding is not changing for FY2023, do not send in the paperwork. For those that process their funding swaps via ePAFs please make sure that they are all in for the Pay Period Ending (PPE) 6/3/2023. If any changes are needed, you will still have the PPE 6/17/2023 to make those corrections/changes.
June 08 Endowment Payout Accounts (Funds 53800 & 53810) 

This Fiscal Year Scholarship requests must be submitted to Suzanne Schilling in the Financial Aid Office by this date.

* This is for accounts that are required to return unspent balances back to principal at year end.  Any questions about Endowment Payout accounts, or if unsure if your account returns to principal at year end contact bennett [at] (David Bennett)

June 15

Endowment Payout Accounts (Funds 53800 & 53810)

Payroll, Journal Entries, Recharges, Disbursements must be posted by this date.

* This is for accounts that are required to return unspent balances back to principal at year end.  Any questions about Endowment Payout accounts, or if unsure if your account returns to principal at year end contact bennett [at] (David Bennett).

June 21

Expense Reports for Employee Reimbursements for all expenses through June 2023 must be entered in PeopleSoft by June 21st with all required departmental approvals entered by June 28th. Expense Reports that are in the system but are not yet approved by the cutoff, will be sent back and will need to resubmitted by the preparer once the rollover has been completed on 7/1.
June 29 @ 4 pm Cash Deposits - Walkups/in-person deposits must be in the Bursar's Office by 4:00 pm.
June 23 Invoices and Journal Vouchers against FY2023 PO Encumbrances must be in UPST
June 27 Direct Pay Vouchers must be submitted to UPST.
June 30 @ 5 pm

Purchase orders and Invoices exported from BuyWays to PeopleSoft will be put on hold.  (BuyWays users may continue to enter requisitions in BuyWays, but Purchase orders will not be exported to PeopleSoft.)

June 30  Recharges - Recharges - Hardcopies of recharges must be sent to the Controller's Office by 6/30 (These are recharges from departments that do not have access to electronic feed and need to be manually entered by the Controller's Office).

July 07 @ 3 pm

Recharges - Electronic feeds for this Fiscal Year must be received to acoga [at] or sent directly to the UITS server.

* For recharge uploads to be posted in this Fiscal Year, the header must have a June 2023 date.

July 07 Journal Entry Requests must be received by the Controller's Office
July 02 Purchase Order & Travel Authorization Roll-over in FY24
July 02 Last Bankcard feed - Last feed for FY23 (includes transactions through June 30th)
July 03 Purchase Orders and Invoices exported from BuyWays to PeopleSoft will resume on (after the PO Rollover is complete)
July 04 Purchase Orders - If, due to budget constraints, you do not want your BuyWays requisition to become a purchase order prior to FY23, you may enter it in BuyWays as a draft cart, but do not submit it to workflow until after rollover has been completed.
July 12 Journal Workflow Entries - Input via Journal Workflow must be submitted
July 12 @ 12 pm

Last day for Bankcard Reallocation for feeds through June 30, 2023. Every effort should be made to reallocate activity through the end of June prior to the last week of June. The last day for reallocation should be reserved for activity posted in the prior week.

There is typically a 2-3-day lag between when a cardholder uses his/her Bankcard and when the transaction is included on the bank feed. Therefore, if the FY23 Bankcard purchase is not included on the July 1, 2023 bank feed, it will become an FY24 expense.

July 14 June Month End and Fiscal Year 2023 Actuals Ledger GL Closing (AP and Expenses close on June 30th)


PO Rollover

All open Purchase Order balances in PeopleSoft on June 30th will be rolled over to FY24. In order for outstanding commitments on FY23 POs to roll into FY24, the FY23 POs must be in an Approved or Dispatched status with a Valid Budget Check. There must be a valid budget row in the appropriate departmental FY24 budget to accommodate the rolled balance on the FY23 PO, or the PO will fail budget checking in FY24. UPST staff will work with departments to ensure that all qualified purchase orders roll into FY24. Asset Receiving on FY23 PO’s must be vouchered by June 30th, therefore, the invoice and packing slip must be submitted to the Controller’s Office by June 16th. To be considered Received, an item must be inspected and tagged.


Payroll through June 30, 2023 (PPE 06/17/23 and 13/14th of PPE 07/01) will be expensed in all departments in FY23. The fringe benefit rate applied to payroll is the rate in effect for the fiscal year of the payroll expense. The FY23 fringe rate is 39.50% and 1.85% for payroll taxes (UI/UHI/Medicare/PFML). The proposed fringe rate for FY24 is 43.36% (Health/Retirement/Terminal Leave) and 2.45% for payroll taxes.

AP Check Runs

The A/P check runs during the last few weeks of the fiscal year are: 6/20, 6/22, 6/27, and 6/29. The first A/P check run of FY24 will be on 7/6.

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