Vendor Direct Payments

As of January 1, 2020, Vendor File is now part of Shared Services. Please go to Supplier Registration and Management UPST

The Vendor Direct Payment Policy provides a list of acceptable transactions that may be processed as a direct payment to a vendor without an approved purchase order.

The University of Massachusetts Purchasing Policy (Policy Doc. T92-031 found under Sites and Policies) requires all purchases to be encumbered in advance. The university utilizes purchase orders to encumber and ensure sufficient funds are available to meet obligations. There are limited transaction types that are not required to have purchase orders. All other requests for direct payments not listed below require advance approval of the department head and the Controller.  Direct Payment is also available in BuyWays.   

Documentation provided for direct payments needs to clearly state the business purpose of the transaction and should be supported by invoices and other external documentation as necessary. The required authorization for processing a direct payment is indicated in the following table.

Required Authorization for Direct Payments

Transaction Type Authorization
Employee Travel Reimbursements See Policy in Travel Manual
Employee Non-Travel Reimbursements Supervisor, see business expense policy
Foundation Account or Agency Controller's Office
Memberships Department Approval
Payments to Banks Controller's Office
Postage/Freight Department Approval
Prizes See Business Expense Policy
Royalties Department Approval
Student Support Department Approval
Resident Non Employee Reimbursements/Travel Department Approval
Honorariums (less than $5,000) Department Approval
REU, SPUR Controller's Office/Grant Accountant
Subscriptions/Publications Department Approval
Registrations Department Approval
Taxes, Fees or other payments to government entities Controller's Office
Permits/License Fees (Non IT) Department Approval
Collections and Write-Offs Controller's Office
Advertisements excluding employment Department Approval
Arbitration/Settlements Legal, Treasurer, limited Department
Related Entity Payments Controller's Office
Human Subjects IRB, Controller's Office
Donations made in lieu of flowers Department Approval, see Business Expense Policy
VISA Application Fees See Travel Policy
Administrative Process Exceptions Controller's Office
Emergency Payments Controller's Office
Refunds Department Approval