A recharge is an interdepartmental charge for approved services or products. The provider of the service or product must first obtain an approved fee through the campus Budget Office. The department requesting the services or products are billed either directly by the provider or sent a recharge (an invoice) describing the service or product sold.  When a provider directly bills a recharge the provider forwards the requesting department a confirmation recharge (invoice) to support the service or product.  When a provider sends a bill to the requesting department the requesting department completes the general recharge form and is given instructions to forward the recharge and the general recharge form back to the provider or the Controller’s Office. All completed Recharge Upload files should be emailed to acoga [at]

The recharge appears on the finance reports of the requesting department as an expense and as revenue to the provider.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that only specific recharge revenue and recharge expense accounts should be used for on campuse recharge transactions as to not skew Universiy Financial Reporting.  Please see the Recharge Account Code spreadsheet on the sidebar with allowable account codes for your reference.  Please contact aco [at] with any questions.  

For Manual Recharges not electronically uploaded, please send forms to the following:

  • Sponsored Project Grant related recharges please send to Anthony Grey at anthony.grey [at]
  • Non-Sponsored Chartstrings recharges please send to jrnl [at]