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Amherst Campus Policies Memorandum - Amherst Campus Policies 3/1/22
Certificate of Insurance How to Request a Certificate of Insurance.  Open a tab and link to Office of the President web site and log in for access.  Then click on link for Certificate of Insurance to go directly to the page.
Core 5 Attachments 10/14/21
Cost Share Allowable Companion Funds Explanation of Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects and list of allowable funds available for Cost Share. 10/28/22
Cost Share Training 11/16/18
Cost Transfers 4/9/21
Expiring Award Notice 11/16/18
Financial Research Adminstration 7/8/19
Finding Award Documents in Summit Job Aid on how to view Award Documents within Summit. 11/14/13
Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement Decision Tree 9/24/18
Fly America Act Exception Form Needed when claiming an exception to the Fly American Act 9/24/18
Fly America and Open Skies Training Fly America and Open Skies training 9/27/18
FY2023 - FY2027 Federal Indirect Cost Rate Agreement 4/6/23
Grant Fund Crosswalk
How to evaluate a cost to a Federally Sponsored Project 11/1/15
Non-Payroll cost Transfer Request For use in transferring expenses from/to a sponsored project 7/28/16
Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Form Particpant/REU/RET UMass Student Payments Form 7/12/16
Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure 4/14/16
Research Administration Financial Closeout of Awards 11/16/18
Research Trust Fund (RTF) Expenditure Guidelines The RTF policy of the University of Massachusetts is to comply fully with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 29, Section 6B (Federal Grant Funds; Definitions; Applications; Notice and Procedural Requirements; Restrictions on Expenditure of Funds; Institutions of Higher Learning). 4/28/89
Signature Delegation for Sponsored Projects and PI DeptID's To give approval signature delegation for PI DeptID's (DeptID's ending in 001-999) and Sponsored Grant Charstrings.   Must complete OWL training for Post Award-Financial Research Administration Training for Principal Investigator Signing/Approval Authority on Sponsored Projects before submitting... 10/21/22
Single Audit Reports 12/19/17
Sponsored Grant Budget Levels A budget level defines the level of restriction for the use of funds provided by a Sponsor.  Within each level are unique Budget Account Codes that categorize how funds are to be expensed.  The budget level for an Award is determined according to to the Award terms and conditions.  Sponsored... 7/31/14
Tax Status of The University Tax Status of the University. Net ID Log on required.  Link to Office of The President web site.
University Policies and Guidelines University Policies and Guidelines.  External Link to Office of The President.