Property Office


The primary mission of the Property Office is to keep track of all University equipment and capital assets, conduct periodic inventory observations, and to ensure that surplus equipment is disposed of in accordance with Federal and State regulations and University policies.

Main Functions of the Property Office:

  • Equipment Tagging:  All equipment, as defined below, is tagged and recorded on the asset management system. 
  • Equipment Inventory:  The Property Office assists departments in periodic inventory observations, understanding equipment requirements and procedures, and keeping equipment records up to date.
  • Disposal/Surplus Property:  All disposals of surplus equipment assets must be coordinated with the Property Office.  We assist departments in determining the appropriate disposal method for their surplus.

What is Equipment?

Equipment is a stand alone, movable and externally visible item. It has a unit price of $5,000 or more, a life expectancy of two years or more, and is repairable.

In addition, any computer, laptop, or tablet at any unit value needs to be tagged and tracked.  Please use account code 741980 “IT Equipment under $5,000” for any purchase of IT equipment under $5,000.  

Who Owns Equipment?

All equipment, including computers, iPads, tablets and other similar devices purchased with any UMass funds, including gift, grant, RTF, stipend, donations and other non-traditional funding sources are the property of UMass and no individual has the right to keep a device, or to take it with them when they separate from the University. 

Department Responsibility

Departments are responsible for the physical custody of all equipment. Ensure that equipment is properly maintained, safe guarded, and is used only for official purposes. Submit appropriate reports in a timely manner. Conduct periodic inventory observations, maintain records, and notify Property staff of new equipment acquisitions, disposals, and any change in location.

Equipment Coordinators

A designated individual who has the authority and responsibility for the physical custody of all equipment under their control and within their custodial area (department). Through the designated Equipment Coordinator departments are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that equipment is properly maintained, safe guarded, and is used only for official purposes.
  • Submitting appropriate reports promptly to the Property Office for transfers, lost, missing, stolen, destroyed, damaged, or obsolete equipment.

  • Physical inventories including the follow-up for missing items not found during the scanning process • Maintain a record of equipment that is removed for use or repair outside of the department.

  • Ensure that complete documentation is provided to the Property Office for newly acquired property.

  • Equipment Coordinator have authority to dispose of  equipment.