Procard Audit and Compliance

As of January 1, 2020, Procard Audit is now part of Shared Services.

Please use this link to access the Shared Services Website:


Contact Angel Falcon, Procard Auditor, Controller's Office with questions about Procard records retention and audits.  

Send Files to:

For questions about procard training, applications, exception requests, changes, transactions declines, contact procard [at]

  • Hillary Osgood, Procard & Travel Card Program Manager, Procurement.
  • Carol Blajda, Procard Program Administrative Support, Procurement.
  • Gary Duggan, Associate Director of Procurement Business Services, Procurement.

Procard Audit Policy

The Procard empowers the cardholder.  The cardholder is responsible for safeguarding and protecting University assets.  With this empowerment comes responsibility.  Any fraudulent or improper use of the Procard will result in disciplinary action/s against the cardholder.  Anyone who feels pressured into improper use of the Procard, should contact the Audit and Grants Compliance Manager for assistance.

The Post Audit Review Team (PART) performs examinations on all cardholders on an ongoing basis.  The team works to assist the cardholder in avoiding non-compliance issues should an Internal, State, or Federal Audit be conducted and to protect University assets.

The way it works is simple.  PART schedules an audit examination of the cardholder.  Upon completion of the review, the cardholder and record manager receive an audit report.  Any non-compliance issues will be addressed and in most cases, a Procard Explanation/Justification Affidavit (PEJA) form will be completed and returned to the Controller’s Office along with additional work as required to complete the audit.  The compliance issue is acknowledged and resolved.

If continued non-compliance issues are found, cardholders may have spending limits reduced or revocation of the Procard.