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Title Purpose Last Updated
Amherst Approval Workflow - SAP Concur Concur pre-request workflow and expense reports workflow 3/12/24
Amherst Campus Policies Memorandum - Amherst Campus Policies 1/26/23
Certificate of Insurance How to Request a Certificate of Insurance.  Open a tab and link to Office of the President web site and log in for access.  Then click on link for Certificate of Insurance to go directly to the page. n/a
Chartfield Lookup Job Aid Step by step Instructions for looking up chartfield information 12/14/20
Check (Non Payroll) Distribution Special handling of Non Payroll checks 11/27/18
Collection Security Guidelines The collection security guidelines provide internal controls designed to safeguard cash, checks and other types of tender received by departments. Some controls may not apply to every area but safeguards need to correspond to associated risk. Managers should ensure that their area is in compliance... 2/20/19
Commodity Codes Commodity Code list for Purchase Orders.  Link located on Procurement Website. 2/2/22
Concur Expense Type to Account Crosswalk For a PDF version click here: Concur Expense Type to Account Crosswalk PDF Version 3/12/24
Concur Expense Type to Account Crosswalk 3/12/24
Cost Share Allowable Companion Funds Explanation of Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects and list of allowable funds available for Cost Share. 10/28/22
Creating and Modifying Expense Reports PeopleSoft 9.2 guide to creating and modifying Expense Reports. 6/18/18
Direct Payment in BuyWays Job Aid for Direct Payment in BuyWays 7/7/17
Endowment Budget Inquiry Job Aid Associated Revenue Budget Job Aid Use for Gift, RTF% and Endowment Funds. 9/2/08
Expenditure Classification Crosswalk The handbook includes the codes, code descriptions and instructions for the encumbering and expenditure of funds on requisitions/purchase orders. It does not include codes for Payroll, Employee Reimbursements, or Recharges, as they are inappropriate for use on requisitions/purchase orders. The... 3/9/17
Expenditure Classification for Reimbursements Accounts/Object Codes for Employee Reimbursement Handbook 6/2/14
Fabricated Equipment Cost on Federal Research Grants and Contracts Procedure The purpose of this Guidance is to define criteria and procedures for the inclusion of Fabricated Equipment on research projects sponsored by the federal government, so that such charges are in compliance with federal regulations and University policies. 10/11/12
Faculty / PI DeptID Lookup Be sure to Enable Content on spreadsheet for it to work correctly. Aid for Faculty/PI to lookup their DeptID when applying for a Sponsored Grant.  For search criteria, be sure to select either Manager ID: PeopleSoft Employee ID (starting with 1) or by Manager: either Last Name or by Last Name,First... 3/12/24
Finding Award Documents in Summit Job Aid on how to view Award Documents within Summit. 11/14/13
Fly America Act and Open Skies Agreement Decision Tree 9/24/18
Fly America and Open Skies Training Fly America and Open Skies training 9/27/18
Fraudulent Financial Activities The Board of Trustees has issued a Policy Statement on Fraudulent Financial Activities (Doc. T00-051, adopted August 2, 2000) [PDF]. Described herein are... 2/2/22
Guidance for Travelers 1/19/21
How to evaluate a cost to a Federally Sponsored Project 2/1/22
How to Generate / Resend Approvals Job Aid for Travel Registry - How to Generate / Resend Approvals 11/14/17
Job Aid -How to use DocuSign Templates to Complete Business and Travel Expense Forms This job aid is available to assist DocuSign users to complete required business and travel expense forms in DocuSign templates. 3/17/23
Journal Attachment Instructions PSoft 9.1 has the ability to attach supporting documentation directly into your GL Journal. Should you chose this option you would not need to print your Journals as the support is electronically attached. 4/30/12
Journal Entry Guide The guide provides standards for users with access to journal entry workflow.  2/28/15
Journal Entry Import Instructions Instructions on how to import a Journal Entry Upload Spreadsheet into Administrative Accounting System. 2/1/12
Journal Workflow Guide A workflow guide for Journals in the Administrative Accounting System. 12/13/17
Mileage Reimbursement Rate 12/19/23
MMARS Codes MMARS Codes.  Link found on Procurement Website. 4/26/18
Organizational Chart, Controller's Office (as of December 2023) 12/12/23
Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Procedure 5/23/24
Pre-Travel Authorization Pre-Travel Authorization Memo 3/8/17
Procurement Policy University of MA Procurement Policy n/a
Record Retention and Disposition Schedules Statewide Records Retention Schedule 5/26/17
Reimbursements to Resident Nonemployees Memo: To reduce paperwork currently needed to reimburse resident nonemployees it is no longer necessary to obtain a W-9. 12/18/15
Research Administration Closeouts 7/1/23
Research Trust Fund (RTF) Expenditure Guidelines The RTF policy of the University of Massachusetts is to comply fully with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 29, Section 6B (Federal Grant Funds; Definitions; Applications; Notice and Procedural Requirements; Restrictions on Expenditure of Funds; Institutions of Higher Learning). 4/28/89
Sale of Surplus Property Terms and Conditions 3/22/21
Sponsored Activities Fact Sheet n/a
Subrecipient Invoice Checklist 1/18/23
Subrecipient Invoice Memo for Processing Invoices to Other UMass Campuses 3/2/20
Subrecipient Invoice Memo for Processing Invoices to Vendors 3/2/20
Tax Status of The University Tax Status of the University. Net ID Log on required.  Link to Office of The President web site. n/a
Travel Registry Controller's Homepage n/a
Travel Registry Job Aids Job Aids for Travel Registry How to Register Your Own Travel... 7/24/19
Travel Registry-How to Approve Travel Job aid for Travel Registry - How to Approve Travel 11/14/17
Travel Registry-How to Register Proxy Travel Job aid for Travel Registry-How to register proxy travel 11/14/17
Travel Registry-How to Register Someone Else's Travel Job aid for Travel Registry-How to register someone else's travel 9/25/18
Travel Registry-How to Register Your Own Travel Job aid for Travel Registry-How to register your own travel. 11/14/17
Travel Registry-How to Search for Registries Job aid for Travel Registry-How to Search for Registries 11/14/17
Travel Registry-How to Set Up Blanket Travel Authorizations Job Aid for Travel Registry - How to Set Up Blanket Travel Authorizations 6/22/22
Treasurer's Office Policies Treasurer's Office Policies.  External link to the Office of The President, Treasurer's Office. n/a
UMass Club in Boston - Campus Sponsored Events Memo to provide guidelines on campus sponsored events occuring at the UMass Clib in Boston. 2/23/06
University Employees and Political Campaigns Guidelines for University Employees and Political Campaigns 2/4/19
University Policies and Guidelines University Policies and Guidelines.  External Link to Office of The President. n/a
University Records Classification and Retention Matrix Records Retention and Disposition Matrix 5/26/17
University Travel Policy - Overview for University Travelers 3/18/24