Kasey Bull

Research Accountant
kbull [at] umass.edu
(413) 545-3658
  • Commonwealth of MA State Agencies
    • AGR (Dept. of Agricultural Resources)
    • DCR (Dept. of Conservation and Recreation)
    • DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection)
    • DER (Dept. of Energy Resources)
    • DESE (Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education)
    • DHED (Dept. of Housing and Economic Development)
    • DOE (Dept. of Education)
    • DOT (Dept. of Transportation)
    • DPH (Dept. of Public Health)
    • ENE (Dept. of Energy)
    • EPS (Executive Off of Public Safety & Security)
    • EQE (Dept. of Environmental Protection)
    • FEW (Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife)
    • RGT (Dept. of Higher Education)
    • VWA (Office of Victim & Witness Assistance)
    • WEL (Dept. of Transitional Assistance
  • Clean Energy Center
  • Commonwealth of MA Local Government (Cities, Towns, Counties)
  • Cultural Council
  • Executive Office of Education
  • Other State Agencies
  • Water Resources Authority
  • Pass Thru from the Above Agencies