General Accounting Documents

Account Codes
Amherst 2015 Statement of Net Assets
Amherst 2015 Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Changes in Net Assets
Amherst 2016 Statement of Net Assets
Amherst 2016 Statement of Revenue, Expenses and Changes in Net Assets
Amherst Campus Credit Card Information Policy
Amherst Campus Policies
Business Expense Form
Business Expense Policy
Cell Phone Agreement Form
Cell Phone or Home Internet Termination Form
Certificate of Insurance
Certificate of Record Destruction
Closing Dates - Monthly Financial
Closing Dates - Monthly Financial [PDF]
Collection Security Guidelines
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bill Paying Policy and General Paying Policies
Controller's Office Advance
Controller's Office Internal Control Document
Deposit Slip
Endowment Budget Inquiry Job Aid
Expenditure Classification for Reimbursements
Federal Trade Commissions Red Flag Rule Policy
Fraudulent Financial Activities
Home Internet Service Agreement
Human Subject Participant
Insurance Information
Internal Authorization
Journal Attachment Instructions
Journal Upload Spreadsheet
Journal Upload Win10 Spreadsheet
Journal Workflow Guide
Missing Itemized Receipt/Documentation Affidavit for Travel/Employee Reimbursement
NCURA University of Massachusetts Amherst Final Report Dec 22 2015
PeopleSoft Fluid 9.2 User Guide
Quasi Endowment Request Form
Quasi Endowment Transfer Policy
Record Retention and Disposition Schedules
Research Trust Fund (RTF) Expenditure Guidelines
Tax Status of The University
Treasurer's Office Policies
UMass Club in Boston - Campus Sponsored Events
University Employees and Political Campaigns
University of Massachusetts Annual Reports
University Policies and Guidelines
University Records Classification and Retention Matrix
Whistleblowing Policy
Year End Close Deadlines