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Assignment of Account Administrator Do not use this form to change the manager on a Department ID. This form is used to assign fiscal authority from a vice chancellor, dean, director or department head to a fiscal manager. This request will change the Account Manager name in the DeptID(s) to the manager assign. Chartfield Maintenance
B Eligibility Certification 4/4/18 Foreign Visitor Payments
Business Expense Form For use with payments/recharges made directly to vendor for business meals/meetings. 6/15/16 Accounts Payable, General Accounting
BuyWays Vendor Information Used for Active PeopleSoft (PS) Vendors that need to be added to BuyWays. 7/1/16 Vendor File
Cell Phone Agreement Form To certify substantial business use of cell phone. 5/10/17 General Accounting
Cell Phone or Home Internet Termination Form Termination of Cell Phone or Home Internet reimbursement 8/13/18 Chartfield Maintenance, General Accounting
Certificate of Record Destruction To log records to be destroyed 2/20/14 General Accounting
Chartstring Create Request Form This form is used the request a new chartfield string for the purpose of financial accounting. 8/6/20 Chartfield Maintenance
Chartstring Inactivation Request Form This form is used to request the inactivation of existing chartfield strings. 4/13/17 Chartfield Maintenance
Controller's Office Advance To request cash advance for Human Subjects and Programs 2/20/18 Accounts Payable, General Accounting
Department ID Manager Change Request Used to make changes to the Department ID Account Administrator 6/30/16 Chartfield Maintenance
Deposit Slip Used to record receipts.  Also see the guidelines on how to fill out your deposit slip. 12/18/18 General Accounting
Disbursement Voucher *Use Direct Payment form in BuyWays for Direct Payments that have Account Code equal to 7XXXXX.  Use this form for Account Codes other than 7XXXXX.  This form is used to make payments without a Purchase Order... 7/7/17 Accounts Payable
Disbursement Voucher-Foundation Foundation Disbursement Voucher 1/3/18 Accounts Payable, Travel
Equipment Action Form Use this form to account for the status of university equipment other than a transfer to a department on campus. 2/21/17 Equipment
Equipment Coordinator Designation Form The purpose of this form is to provide information on a designated Equipment Coordinators within a department.  The completed form should be e-mailed to the Property Office. 2/21/17 Equipment
Equipment Disposal Form Use this form when you need to dispose of  University-owned equipment. Equipment
Equipment Transfer Form Use this form to notify the Property office on the transfer of university equipment to a department on campus. 2/21/17 Equipment
Event Ticket Use Report To report attendence and business purpose of event ticket. 3/1/16 Accounts Payable
Fly America Act Exception Form Needed when claiming an exception to the Fly American Act 9/24/18 Audit and Compliance, Research Accounting, Travel
Foreign Source Memo 9/24/18 Foreign Visitor Payments
Home Internet Service Agreement Campus Policy for Dean/Vice Chancellor approved University reimbursement for Home Internet Use:  3/1/16 General Accounting
Homeland Security Invoice 4/17/19 Accounts Payable
Human Subject Participant Payment for participating in a study. 12/8/17 Accounts Payable, General Accounting
Internal Authorization Used to grant spending authority to a delegated departmental staff for on campus transactions (recharges). 6/7/16 General Accounting
Invoice Customizable University Invoice 6/7/16 Accounts Payable
IRS Form W-8 BEN Requirement for adding or changing a foreign individual on the finance system. 8/14/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
IRS Form W-8 BEN-E Requirement for adding/changing a Foreign Entity on the finance system. 8/14/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
IRS Form W-8 ECI Used for Foreign Entities who have Effectively Connected Income to the United States. 8/14/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
IRS Form W-8 EXP Used for Foreign Entities who are Tax-Exempt in the United States, 6/26/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
IRS Form W-8 IMY Used for Foreign Intermediaries or Flow-Through Entities. 8/14/17 Foreign Visitor Payments
Journal Upload Spreadsheet Excel Spreadsheet for uploading Journal Entries into the Administrative Accounting System. 5/18/16 General Accounting, Journal Workflow
Journal Upload Win10 Spreadsheet Excel Spreadsheet for uploading Journal Entries into the Administrative Accounting System.  Spreadsheet is for Window 10 users 10/26/17 General Accounting, Journal Workflow
Mileage Log To record driving miles travelled on a trip. 12/15/14 Travel
Missing Itemized Receipt/Documentation Affidavit for Travel/Employee Reimbursement Necessary when itemized receipt is lost or missing for Employee Reimbursements and Travel 4/11/14 Accounts Payable, General Accounting, Travel
Motor Vehicle Surplus Equipment Sale Form 4/21/20 Equipment
Non-Payroll cost Transfer Request For use in transferring expenses from/to a sponsored project 7/28/16 Research Accounting
Off-Site Equipment Form Use this form to account for equipment that will be used off the Amherst Campus. 2/21/17 Equipment
Participant Support Cost REU/RET Payments Form Particpant/REU/RET UMass Student Payments Form 7/12/16 Research Accounting
Payment Input Form For state funds only - payment voucher to request payment. 7/1/16 State Funds
Quasi Endowment Request Form Request Form for Amherst Departments to transfer restricted funds, primarily gift balances not expected to be used over a five year period, to the University foundation by creating a quasi endowment. 12/10/14 General Accounting
Recharge Form To record intra campus revenue cost center activities (for non-state accounts only).  The PDF version when completed, should be submitted to General Accounting. This form for use with MAC computers and departments without ability to use Recharge Upload Spreadsheet 8/13/18 Recharge
Recharge Upload Excel Spreadsheet for Win 7 or Win 10 To record intra campus revenue cost center activities (for non-state accounts only).  The Excel form is to be used for uploading recharges into PeopleSoft.  For information on using this form please contact Andrew Tan 5-3325. 9/19/18 Recharge
Sales Tax Forms ST-5, ST-2, Universities W-9 Tax & Compliance, Tax Forms found at the Treasurer's Office/UMass President's Office 6/27/19 Accounts Payable
Signature Delegation for Non-Sponsored Chartstrings To give approval signature delegation for Non-Sponsored Chartstrings.  This request will not change the Account Manager name on the DeptID(s).  1/19/17 Chartfield Maintenance
Signature Delegation for Sponsored Projects To give approval signature delegation for Sponsored Grants.  Must complete OWL training for Cost Allowability on Federal Sponsored Grants.  This request will not change the Account Manager name in the DeptID(s). 5/2/19 Audit and Compliance, Chartfield Maintenance, Research Accounting
Signature Delegation Termination Form To terminate approval signature delegation.  This form will remove current delegations. 3/1/16 Chartfield Maintenance
Single Payment Voucher for Refund This form is used to make a refund payment only for a one-time vendor without having to create and store the vendor in the system. 7/7/17 Accounts Payable
Single Payment Voucher for Reimbursement Used when making a Reimbursement payment to a "US Resident" Non-Employee One Time Vendor. 7/7/17 Accounts Payable
Subrecipient Invoice Template Subrecipient invoices must contain current and cumulative costs, UMass Subaward # and proper certification. Subrecipients may use this template or provide their own invoice which has the required elements as indicated in the terms of the award. 11/8/17 Research Accounting
Travel Authorization Requirement for travel Travel
Travel Registry-Remove unwanted/junk registry from Terra Dotta Travel Registry Form to remove unwanted Travel Registry items from Terra Dotta 7/24/19 Accounts Payable, Travel
UM-W9 Requirement for adding/changing a vendor on the finance system. 7/1/16 Vendor File
UMass Federal Costing Exception Form For determining allowability of expenses on Federal Grants 2/25/20 Audit and Compliance
Wire Transfer Form required for requesting wire payments. 6/22/20 Accounts Payable