Equipment Disposal Process/Surplus Property

Equipment Disposal Process/Surplus Property

Equipment Coordinator, department head or designated staff approve asset retirement, should complete the online equipment disposal form (see link below). Submission of form is routed to the Property Office where equipment item(s) are retired in PeopleSoft and Waste Management schedules item for pick up. It is the department’s responsibility to ensure that all computer storage devices are removed by a qualified IT staff member during the disposal process.

Equipment Disposal Form:

Equipment may also be disposed of by a department as surplus property. Surplus equipment may be picked up by another department or put out to a public bid.

Procedure for Sale of Surplus Equipment

  1. Department identifies equipment as surplus to their department heads
  2. Department fills out Surplus Equipment Sale Form and forwards to the Controller's Office.
  3. A copy of the form is sent to the Property Office to verify the information.
  4. is an online auction platform that many government agencies utilize to auction surplus property to the public. Only government agencies can auction items on Municibid and bidding is open to the public across the United States and Canada. To access the site simply go to:
  5. The award goes to the highest responsible bidder that meets or exceeds the minimum bid listed for each item or category listed in the bid. All items not bid on, or not receiving a bid that at least equals the minimum amount listed will be disposed of for scrap value or held until the next surplus equipment bid at the discretion of the Controller's Office.
  6. A letter will be sent to the vendor/individual that receives the award with instructions on how to pay and where to pick up their purchase. A bill of sale will be provided to all successful bidders upon payment of their purchase.
  7. All items must be picked up within 14 days of notification unless other arrangements have been made. All funds received for the surplus equipment will be deposited in the designated departmental fund that is shown on the surplus equipment form. Any funds for surplus equipment, such as scrap metals, that cannot be identified with a specific department will be deposited in the University general fund or other fund as designated by the Vice-Chancellor of A&F for such purposes.
  8. The Controller's Office will maintain a file on all equipment disposed of for review by all interested parties for a period a least equal to what is defined by Massachusetts record retention requirements.

Public Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Miscellaneous Items

Departments who have a vehicle(s) that is/are no longer needed and would like to TRADE-IN, TRANSFER or send to SURPLUS said vehicles(s), should contact FLEET OPERATIONS (Call 413-545-4682 or email fleetops [at] to make sure the process runs smoothly.  

All bids must be in U.S. Dollars.

Bidders are not required to bid on every item offered.

The University reserves the right to reject any or all bids or parts thereof, if deemed in the best interests of the University and may decide not to make an award on any individual item or combination of items.


The successful bidders will be notified of their awards via E-mail or where E-mail addresses are not available, via regular mail. Payment in the form of a certified check, official bank treasurer’s check or money order made payable to the University of Massachusetts Amherst must be received prior to the removal of the equipment. Payment will be made to:

University of Massachusetts
Controller's Office Mass Venture Center - Suite 201
100 Venture Way Hadley, MA 01035-9430

Removal must be made on or before the date noted in the solicitation.

If any bidder fails to pay for and/or remove the item(s) by the day noted, the University reserves the right to award the item(s) to the next highest bidder without recourse. Non-compliance with either or both of these items will result in the removal of the bidder’s name as an eligible bidder on any future sale for a period of one year.