David Gazzillo

Senior Research Accountant
gazzillo [at] admin.umass.edu
(413) 545-1412
  • Curriculum Credit Monitoring and Management
  • Cost Share Monitoring and Management
  • Post Award - Receive and Distribute Award Actions to Grant Accountants (Red Folders)
  • Milestone and Chart of Account Monthly Reporting
  • Assist in Development of Ongoing Operational Policy and Procedures
  • Amherst Campus Construction Projects
  • Federal Financial Aid (Perkins, Pell, FSEOG, FWS, Direct Loans
  • DHS (US Dept. of Homeland Security)
  • DOD (Dept. of Defense - USAF, ONR, Army, AFOSR)
  • DOT (US Dept. of Transportation)
  • ERS (Economic Research Services)
  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency)
  • Gaming Commission
  • NSA (National Security Agency)
  • PVLSI (Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute)
  • USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture)
  • USDC (US Dept. of Commerce)
  • USDI (US Dept. of Interior)
  • Various State Awards
  • Federal Pass Thru from the Above Agencies