Closing Dates - Monthly Financial

FY 2021 Closing Dates

Month Fiscal Period ACTUAL Ledger Closing Date ADJUST Ledger Closing Date
July, 2020 1 08/07/2020 08/14/2020
August 2 09/11/2020 * 09/18/2020 *
September 3 10/09/2020 * 10/23/2020 *
October 4 11/06/2020 11/13/2020
November 5 12/11/2020 12/18/2020
December 6 01/08/2021 01/22/2021
January, 2020 7 02/05/2021 02/12/2021
February 8 03/05/2021 03/12/2021
March 9 04/09/2021 04/23/2021
April 10 05/07/2021 05/14/2021
May 11 06/11/2021 06/18/2021
June 12 07/09/2021 ** 07/30/2021 **

Rules for Determination of Close Dates:

  • There must be at least 5 business days after the month end to close the actual ledger.  If there are less than 5 business days the ledger close will go out to the next Friday.
  • The Friday for year-end close is the Friday of split payroll week.
  • Ledger closes are scheduled for Friday's due to the length of time is takes for monthly reports to run after closing.

Logic for ADJUST Ledger Close:

  • The ADJUST ledger will be used for the monthly/quarterly adjustments after the ACTUALS ledger has closed.
  • The ADJUST ledger will close 1 week after the ACTUALS ledger closes.  For the quarter close, the ADJUST ledger will close 2 weeks after the ACTUALS ledger closes.
  • For Fiscal Year End, it will close at the last day of July.

Logic for Period 998:

  • Period 998 is for annual adjustments.
  • This period will open on April 1st and will close on September 3, 2021.
  • After the period is closed, any additional adjustments will need to be requested thru the Associate Controller in the President's Office.

Additional Notes:

* For the November and May month end close, the ACTUALS ledger will close one week later that normal to allow for 5 business days of processing.  The ADJUST ledger will close one week after that.   

Additional Notes on Business Units:

  • UMWOR, WUMMF, WCCCP, WCPSP, WCS00, WCS01, WCS03 thru WCS11, EL600, EL610 and EL650.
  • WCS02 will be located in Amherst, but belongs to WCCCP.

Building Authority & Foundation Business Units

  • UMBLD and UMFND business units will follow the same closing schedule outlined above.  Activities will be booked at the President's Office on a quarterly/annual basis.  These business units are shared across campuses and are identified by campus using the department number.  Below is the list of departments:
    • AMH1000000 - Amherst
    • BOS1000000 - Boston
    • CEN1000000 - President's Office
    • DAR1000000 - Dartmouth
    • LOW1000000 - Lowell
    • WOR1000000 - Worcester
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