Class RR - Entitlement Programs

This class includes only those codes that are appropriate for requisition/purchase order use that cover entitlement payments made to recipients/beneficiaries and/or service providers on behalf of recipients/beneficiaries for authorized services to Commonwealth residents. Eligibility and verification of the recipient and/or provider to participate in entitlement programs are determined by the Commonwealth through an authorized state Department that maintains the program and is governed by specific rules and regulations. These payments are primarily categorized as financial assistance and the recipients/beneficiaries are identified prior to payment. Commonwealth Terms and Conditions/Standard Contract Form must be used by Executive Departments. State employees may not be reimbursed through this Class. Questions pertaining to the use of these codes should be directed to a trust fund accountant in the Controller’s Office.

Because of the Financial Aid reporting requirements and the tax implications that are involved, unless noted differently, all of the following payment types to, or in behalf of, students must go through the Financial Aid Office. Telephone 5-0801.