Class NN - Construction and Improvements of Buildings and Maintenance of Infrastructure and Land Acquisition

This Class includes only those codes that are appropriate for requisition/purchase order use that cover expenditures for the construction and improvement of vertical structures such as buildings. The Division of Capital Planning and Operations (DCPO) oversee vertical structure construction, improvement, maintenance, land acquisition and related costs. This Class also includes the construction, improvement and maintenance of lateral structures such as highways, roads, railroads, bridges and tunnels. The Executive Office of Transportation and Construction (TRP) oversee lateral structure construction, improvements, maintenance, purchase of easements and rights of way and related transportation and drilling costs. An improvement is an addition, alteration, betterment or structural change to an asset, which results in its greater durability or extended useful life or to comply with current code regulations. Maintenance is day-to-day, routine recurring repair and upkeep. Maintenance activities keep an asset in good working condition throughout its estimated useful life.

Contractor services included in this Class are to be used only when the service is an integral part of the project. Other contractor services should be purchased through Classes HH or JJ. The use of the terms "persons" includes firms as well as individuals. See Classes JJ or LL for routine day-to-day maintenance of vertical structures such as buildings.

NOTE: All purchases against these Object/Account Codes must go through Facilities Planning or the Physical Plant, depending on the type of project. For guidance, contact the labor and materials contracting section in the Procurement Department.

Employee Reimbursements:

Employee reimbursements are inappropriate for any type of service. Reimbursements for Supplies may be made in Subsidiary BB – Employee Related Expenses, when deemed appropriate. Employee reimbursements cannot be done on a requisition/purchase order. Object Class NN is appropriate for payments to vendors only.

Processing Documents:

In each instance, unless noted differently, some form of University contract document is required (Contract for Service, Commonwealth’s Standard Service Agreement, short- or long-form labor & materials construction contract), for processing in accordance with Commonwealth law and University policy.