Class KK - Equipment Purchase

This class includes only those codes that are appropriate for requisition/purchase order use that cover expenditures for the purchase of equipment. Note that associated freight and installation costs are also charged to the respective equipment account code and are considered to be a part of the cost of the equipment.

Cash buyouts of leased equipment are included in this class. See Class LL for Equipment Lease-Purchase, Equipment Lease and Rental, and Equipment Maintenance and Repair.

Contract Use:

Department staff should verify with their business manager or bookkeeper whether a contract (University, Campus, Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium ((MHEC)) or State) is available for the type of purchase to be made.

Employee Equipment Purchases/Reimbursements:

All purchases of equipment are paid directly to vendors. It is inappropriate to purchase equipment from an employee. It is also inappropriate to reimburse an employee for the purchase of equipment.


Requisition/purchase orders are inappropriate for recharge departments. Check with the respective recharge area for their requirements.

Definition of Equipment: The item must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Is an entity unto itself (stands alone – must be externally visible); e.g., computer, printer, external modem, microscope, filing cabinet, etc.);
  2. Has a unit net price of $1,000 or more (after any discount that may be taken);
  3. Has a life expectancy of two years or more;
  4. Is repairable.

Inventory (Fixed Assets): Dollars referenced herein are based on the Unit Net Cost, after any discount that may be offered has been taken.

  • Any equipment item with a Unit Net Cost of $1,000 or greater will be tagged for inventory purposes.
  • Equipment items that total less than $1,000 are coded as supplies using the appropriate supply account code. There are supply codes in Classes EE, FF, and NN.
  • Equipment items that total at least $1,000, but less than $5,000, are coded as non-capital equipment using either account 741970 or 741980, whichever is appropriate. The definitions for these two codes may be found in Classes FF and UU.
  • Equipment items that total $5,000 or greater are coded as capital equipment using the appropriate capital equipment account code.
  • Faculty/staff shall not remove any item of equipment from the campus without proper written authorization. Contact the Controller’s Office, Property Section, at 413 545-0700 for forms and guidance.