Class HH - Consultant Services Contracts

This class includes only those codes that are appropriate for requisition/purchase order use that cover expenditures for temporary professional services for specific projects and for defined time periods. Services are specialized and are not ordinarily provided by, or available from, University employees. Because of the expertise of the firms or individuals consulted, departments are better able to serve their clients/constituents or to fulfill their mandates. Consultant Contractors (Independent Contractors and Contract Employees) provide advice, develop programs, and provide other services to departments.

Employee Reimbursements/Payments:

University employees will not be reimbursed for services rendered by others. University employees may not receive payments for services rendered by themselves in any object class other than AA – Payroll. There are tax issues.

Contract for Service forms:

Use of any of these codes equal to or in excess of $10,000 also requires the completion of a long form Contract for Services, in accordance with established University policy. The Department and vendor may elect to have one for lesser amounts, if desired. If charged to a state appropriated account, the Commonwealth’s Standard Service Agreement for the University is required. If state appropriated funds are to be used (fund number starts with a “1”), please contact a buyer in the Procurement Department for guidance."


Note that the vendor will receive a 1099 form for the service. Currently, travel is not taxable. If travel reimbursement is allowed under the terms of the contract, then the requisition should be entered in the on-line system as two separate lines (one line for the service, the other for travel), charged to the appropriate service Account Code. Accounts Payable will not apply tax to the travel line.

NOTE: All vendors, including non-resident aliens, must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) number that has been assigned by the Federal Government. Non-resident aliens must be in the country under a visa that allows them to receive monies. These are IRS tax issues. Violation is a Federal offense.