BuyWays is a web-based system for purchasing goods and services at UMass Amherst for eProcurement Users. All requisitions, purchase orders and PO Vouchers originate in BuyWays. Learn more about BuyWays.


The Chart of Accounts (COA) is the foundation of the PeopleSoft system. PeopleSoft provides a flexible system for recording revenues and expenses and financial reporting. It uses Chartfields to define Business Unit, Fund, Department, Program, Project/Grand, and Class. These elements define the Chartfield String.

PeopleSoft Finance

Finance Production and Finance Reporting are part of the PeopleSoft Finance System. The PeopleSoft Finance System is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that integrates data and processes of the institution into one unified electronic system.  The University implemented the financial modules to support our business functions and improve their efficiencies.  The Amherst Campus utilizes PeopleSoft Finance to support general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable, asset, grant, post-award and purchasing functions (for more information on purchasing, please see Buyways).  PeopleSoft gives users a variety of mechanisms to access financial data from their desktop. Learn more about PeopleSoft Finance.

HR Direct

HR Direct is the University's Self-Service System for employees. Learn more about HR Direct.


Kuali is a software tool available to faculty and staff that facilitates sponsored activities workflow. Please review the information below for known issues and guides of how to use Kuali. Learn more about Kuali.


Summit is a web-based tool that delivers PeopleSoft financial data both quickly and easily through customized graphs and tables. Learn more about Summit.