Research Accountants manage UMass Amherst Research Awards. If you have a question about an award, locate the sponsor of the award in the services column below, and contact that Research Accountant

Name Title Services
Bennett, David Manager of Accounts Receivable & Billing
  • Monthly Analysis of Research Receivables
  • Deposit and Reconcile Cash Receipts
  • Federal Letter of Credit Draws and Reporting
Bensoum, Khadija Accounts Receivable Financial Analyst
Czarniecki, Arkadiusz Research Accountant
  • Unrestricted Research Awards
  • Foundation Awards
  • DOE (Department of Energy)
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • NEA (National Education more services
Gazzillo, David Senior Research Accountant
  • Curriculum Credit Monitoring and Management
  • Cost Share Monitoring and Management
  • Post Award - Receive and Distribute Award Actions to Grant Accountants (Red Folders)
  • more services
Grey, Anthony Research Clerk
  • Distribution of Award Notices
  • Grant Recharges
  • Payroll – PAF, ePAF, Electronic Grad appointment
  • Requisitions
  • Back up for other Research Clerk
Jayne, Sibyl Research Accountant
  • HHS/NIH (Health and Human Services/National Institute of Health)
  • HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration)
  • SAMHS (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services) more services
Konowitch, Martin Senior Research Accountant
  • Compliance issues associated with the financial management of International Research
  • International Awards
  • NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
  • NEH ( more services
Lester, Pamela Research Accountant
  • Commonwealth of MA State Agencies
    • AGR (Dept. of Agricultural Resources)
    • DCR (Dept. of Conservation and Recreation)
    • DEP (Dept. of Environmental Protection)
    • more services
Ortiz, Elizabeth Research Accounting Manager
  • Grants Campus Core Team Lead - Amherst Campus
  • PeopleSoft A/R, Billing, Payroll, BuyWays and Smart Grant Issues/Troubleshoot
  • USDA Federal Appropriations-UMass Extension and more services
Polo, Jane Research Clerk
  • Cross Campus Journal Entries
  • Grant-related cash advances
  • Inactivation of award/project
  • Journal Entries
  • "Red" Folder log – awards processed by OPAM
  • more services
Rodak, Gregory Senior Research Accountant
  • IALS (Institute for Applied LIfe Sciences) - Tracking and monitor setup
  • CUMIRP (Center for UMass Industry Research on Polymers)
  • UMII (UMass Innovation Institute)
  • more services
Tan, Andrew Cash Management Analyst
  • Accounts Receivable
  • System Analyst
  • Letter of Credit (LOC) and Grant Support Analyst