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Tara Dugan, Comparative Literature major and Commonwealth Honors College student, class of 2020

Tara Dugan '20

The beauty of Comparative Literature is how it taught me to hone my intellectual focus without sacrificing my multidisciplinary interests. Even when my curiosity ran down numerous rabbit holes—translating Latin, completing a work-study at the Yiddish Book Center, spelunking through the publishing world in independent studies—Comp Lit guaranteed each one had a role to play in building a greater understanding of the way things are. My degree was flexible enough that my senior year balanced literary theory on one side and writing a novel on the other, fusing Aha Moments from other classes ranging from Poli Sci to Victorian literature. While getting the right answers is important to every major, Comp Lit is all about asking the right questions—and for me, this meant a world of difference.