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Translation Concentration

Translation courses can be included in any of the tracks within the Comparative Literature major, as Comp Lit offers a number of translation courses (see below). Students who are interested in purusing the Translation Concentration as a variant of the “Comparative Literature and a Related Discipline” track, with translation classes from Comp Lit and the Language programs taking the place of the Related Discipline. (See the Major in Comparative Literature page for details about the Related Discipline track.)

More specifically, students interested in concentration in translation may structure their major as follows:

  1. Comparative Literature requirements: You need 6 courses in Comparative Literature, one of which must be The History of Literary Criticism (Comp Lit 394 HI). Translation courses taught through the Comparative Literature program may be included here. You will also need to take the Junior Year Writing course, which is a University requirement and does not count towards the major.
  2. The “related discipline” is translation, and you need another 4 courses here. These courses can come from Comparative Literature and the Language programs. To count for this part of the major, they need to be at the following course levels: Language departments, 240+ and Comp Lit 300+.
  3. Major literature (for some of you this will be English) in which you take 3 courses. In the English Department, any course from 200 on up counts; one course may be Creative Writing. In the other language Departments, 240 is the first course that counts. Translation courses in your major literature may be included here.
  4. Minor literature—you need 2 courses, i.e. 240 or above plus one literature course. You are encouraged to take upper-level courses in literature. (If your minor literature is English, the courses should be at the 200-level or above.)

Undergraduate translation courses offered in the Comparative Literature program include:

COMPLIT 130 Translation Matters (AL Gen Ed DG)
COMPLIT 330 Translation, Cross-cultural Communication, and the Media (Gen Ed AL, DG)
COMPLIT 481: Introduction to Interpreting and Translation Research and Practice
COMPLIT 482: Introduction to Interpreting and Translation Research and Practice II (This is a Civic Engagement and Service Learning designated course)
COMPLIT 551 Translation and Technology (open to advanced undergraduates)

Undergraduate translation courses offered in the Language programs include:

       SPAN 350: Translation Today: Spanish-English
       PORTUG 357: Translating and Interpreting for Portuguese-Speaking Communities
       SPAN 397 / PORTUG 397: Multiple Linguistic Worlds: On Multilingualism and Translation in Spanish and Portuguese
       American Writing        
       FRENCH 397M: French for the Medical Professions    
       PORTUG 456: 20th Century Brazilian Literature: Belonging (or not) in Translation
       SPAN 497TC: Spanish Translation for Community Health Services
       SPAN 597PT: Practicing Literary Translation: Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish
       JAPANESE  597C: Problems and Methods of Translation


Some of the above course can be used to fulfill the requirements of the Undergraduate Translation and Interpreting Studies Certificate.