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Comparative Literature Faculty members pursue work in such fields as Word and Image, European-American Studies, Narrative and Folklore, Translation, Film, Empire and Postcolonial Studies, and Spirituality and Health, among others. Our collaborative relationships with Associate Faculty and Five College Faculty contribute to rounding-out the depth and breadth of scholarship opportunities open to our graduate and undergraduate students.

On the graduate and undergraduate levels alike Comparative Literature attracts a singularly international, culturally varied student body whose perspectives have been crucial to fostering significant new directions in the comparative literary field.

At the heart of Comparative Literature are our administrative professionals who keep the offices running smoothly despite the overwhelming volume of activity.

Outside of academia, faculty, students and staff pursue an array of other interests—some are musicians performing locally, we have a world-class Argentine tango dancer and instructor, one student practices kung fu. Some are poets and fiction writers, some travelers and mountaineers, activists, sports fans or operagoers. Most are some combination of the above and some are parents besides.

See a list of current graduate students and this year's incoming graduate students, and learn about the Organization of Graduate Students in Comparative Literature (OGSCL). Also, see the Alumni page for information about recent PhD graduates as well as what Comparative Literature majors are doing out in the world after graduation.