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Minor in Comparative Literature

In addition to our major, students can complete a minor in Comparative Literature. 


  • 5 courses in Comparative Literature 
    • At least 3 of these Comp Lit courses must be at the 300 level or above 
    • No more than 1 100-level Comp Lit course wil count towards the minor
  • One year or 6 credits of university-level study of a language other than English, or the equivalent.
    • Not sure whether your past language study is sufficient? Check with the Undergraduate Program Director in Comparative Literature, Prof. Corine Tachtiris, at

Please note:

  • Pass/fail courses may not be applied to the minor.
  • Up to three credits of independent study coursework may be counted toward the minor.
  • A maximum of six transfer credits in Comparative Literature may be applied towards the minor. Only credits awarded by Transfer Affairs may be considered. Transfer credits must be approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee; the student should address a petition to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, attaching course syllabi if available.

Advising and Graduation

For questions about coursework or how to declare a minor in Comp Lit, please see the Undergraduate Program Director in Comparative Literature (Professor Corine Tachtiris,