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Graduate Student Alumni

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Recent Graduate Alumni

PhDs in 2018/19

Inci Sariz Bilge defended her dissertation, "Translator Agency in Turkey Under Censorial Constraints: 1990s to the Present," in April 2019. 

PhDs in 2017/18

Nicole Calandra defended her dissertation in September 2018

Lara Matta defended her dissertation in May 2018. 

Andrés Amitai Wilson defended his dissertation in January 2018.

Daniel Nevarez Araujo defended his dissertation, “Bodies Under Siege: The Language of Warfare in HIV/AIDS Narratives,” in December 2017.

Madalina Meirosu defended her dissertation in August 2017. 

Barry Spence defended his dissertation in April 2017.  

PhDs in 2016

Alexander Joy defended his dissertation in September 2016. 

Emir Benli defended his dissertation, "Subjects of Fatih Akin’s Melodramas: A Genealogical Reading through the Films of R.W. Fassbinder, Yilmaz Guney and Atif Yilmaz,"  in 2016.

Antonia Carcelén-Estrada defended her dissertation in 2016. 

Lara Curtis defended her dissertation, “Writing, Resistance, and the Question of Gender: Charlotte Delbo, Noor Inayat Khan, and Germaine Tillion,” in 2016. 

Scott Vangel defended his dissertation “Deconstruction of the Sacred, Ontologies of Monstrosity: Apophatic Approaches in Late Modernist Cinema,”  in 2016.

PhDs in 2014/15

Fatma Betul Cihan-Artun defended her dissertation "Rumi, the Poet of Universal Love: The Politics of Rumi's Appropriation in the West," in 2015.

Shannon Farley defended her dissertation, “Translation, Rewriting, and Fan Fiction: A Literary History of Transformative Work,” in 2015.

Esther Cuesta defended her dissertation, “Documenting the (Un)documented: Diasporic Ecuadorian Narratives in Southern/Mediterranean Europe,” in 2014. 

Kanchuka Dharmasiri  “Transgressing Space and Subverting Hierarchies: A Comparative Analysis of Street Theater Groups in Sri Landa, India and the United States,”  in 2014.

Nahir I. Otaño defended her dissertation in 2014. 

Anna Strowe defended her dissertation, "‘Io scrittore’: Authorial Self-Construction in Renaissance Italian Literature and its Translation into English” in 2014.

PhDs from 2011-13

Matt Goodwin defended his dissertation, “The Fusion of Migration and Science Fiction in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States,” in 2013.

Daniel Pope defended his dissertation, “Enigmatic Realism: Doing Justice through Photography and Figuration in Sebald, Marias, and Hemon,” in 2013.

Hongmei Sun defended her dissertation topic, “Translating Trickster, Performing Identity: Representations Of The Monkey King (Sun Wukong) in Chinese and Asian American Rewritings,” in 2013. 

Rhona Trauvitch defended her dissertation, “Adventures in Fictionality: Sites along the Border between Fiction and Reality,” in 2013.

Brandon Shaw defended his dissertation, “Sitting-There: Embodied Perception, Kinesthetic Empathy, and Reading Pain in Dance Spectatorship,” in 2012.  

Loc Quoc Pham defended his dissertation on “Translation in Vietnam and Vietnam in Translation: Language, Culture, and Identity,” in 2011. 

Juan Ramos defended his dissertation, “Latin American decolonial aesthetics: Antipoetry, nueva cancíon, and third cinema as counterculture (1960--1975),” in 2011.

Frans Weiser defended his dissertation in 2011.

MAs in 2019

Adriana Marmolejo Soto 

Arianna Valocchi 

MAs in 2017

William Bruce Ollayos

Marcus Khoury 

Froy Batsielilit 

Emily Heilker 

Jocelyn Langer 

Muria McCammon 

Zainab Sattar 

Chamila Somirathna 

MAs from 2014-15

Shushanik Gavalyan

Ying Xu 

MAs from 2011-13

Liz Medenthorp

Steffi Scheer 

Rio Hernandez 

Yonjoo Hong